10 Essay Writing Tips for Nursing Students

Nursing essays is a common writing task for students pursuing a nursing career. This practice is also common for professionals in the nursing field to keep records and track their careers. Nursing students in Colleges and Universities write essays in this field as part of requirements by their curriculums. Therefore, essay writing affects their grades. Students who write quality essays receive higher grades compared to those who write poorly. High grades are desirable to poor ones. Students don’t fail for lack of knowledge about the subject. It is because they don’t know how to put their ideas down. The following eight points will help you write quality essays in the nursing field and earn high grades.

1.      Understand the essay topic

Nursing students are mostly provided with essay topics to write about. The most important thing that enables them to write is understanding the subject. Failure to understand the topic will lead to writing something out of the topic. To understand the essay topic, you can google the instructions provided, ask friends or get clarification from your tutor. If you fail to get the necessary help, you can always get one from the varsity papers support team.

2.      Research your topic

Research is fundamental in essay writing and especially in the nursing field. This activity ensures that you have more information to write about. Essentially, the research section allows you to come up with reference materials. You can use research materials include your module study materials, google scholar, PubMed, and Ebscohost (Online Journal Libraries), among others. Always consider using the latest study materials. Usually, nursing students are required to use publishing less than five years old.

3.      Write down the main points of your essay

This is the critical section in essay writing. Students are required to note down the main points and how they should follow each other. This activity ensures that all points are included in the final essay. It also gives the student opportunity to pick the best points and leave unnecessary ones. In the end, a nursing student will have included all the main points in the essay.

4.      Introduce your topic

The introduction part of an essay is very critical. Nursing students are required to know how to introduce their essays. The introduction part should be attractive to the reader. It must tell the audience things that will be covered. It must also attract the attention of the reader by stating something unexpected. After reading the essay introduction, your professor may decide to read it all or ignore it. Therefore, be very definite, informative, and entertaining when writing your introduction.

5.      Write your Essay draft

Essay writing for nursing students is not a simple task. It requires adherence to rubrics issued. As such things are essential, the essay writer should write a draft. Normally, an essay draft starts with the introduction, then the body, and finally the conclusion. When writing a draft, ensure that you include the in-text citations from the sources required. When this is done correctly, it becomes simpler to write the final copy.

6.      Write the final copy

A final copy is a refined initial draft. This is done by reading through the draft and editing errors encountered. After reading through, it is advisable to use a Grammarly tool to help identify areas you have erred grammatically. This is an essential tool that every essay writer must have on their word document.

7.      Add your reference page

A reference page is the last page of your academic essay. It is also referred to as the work cited page or the bibliography. This shows and describes the sources that have been used in composing the essay. It includes the names of authors, year of publication, the title of the source, city of publication, and the publication press. Different formatting styles call for different orders when writing the reference page.

8.      Format your essay according to instructions

Essay writing requires formatting as instructed by tutors. The most common formatting styles are the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA). If you have not been asked to use any formatting style, it is advisable to use either of these two. If instructed to use either, make sure you have done it correctly as it carries some points. Failure to correctly format your work would lead to point deductions, which is undesirable.

9.      Check for plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to copying an author’s work, pasting it on your piece of writing, and failing to mention the source. Plagiarism is a severe crime in academic writing, more so in essay writing. The purpose of essay writing is to encouraging creativity among students. You may copy some sentences like definitions and data from a particular publication. However, those are not your own makings. So, you have to mention the author from whom you have got the information. Failure to do so, your essay may as well be canceled and receive a zero mark. This will, in turn, affect your final grade. Most schools use different tools to detect plagiarism. A Turnitin tool is the most commonly used plagiarism detector.

10.  Submit your paper

Deadlines guide essay writing in nursing schools. This is also true for other fields. After ensuring that you have correctly done your paper, submit it on or before the due time. In case you are taking an online class or submitting it to an online platform, ensure that you submit your work a day earlier. This is because of technical issues that may arise and “it up” your time, which will be marked as late submission and point deductions.

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