12 Step Attendance Paper

12 Step Mindance Pamphlet
12-Step Mindance (Pamphlet can be written up as undivided pamphlet still must reply questions ce each investigate.  (50 points entirety, 25 points per pamphlet).
Ce this ordinance, each tyro (you may mind the clusters with undivided other tyro or acquaintance) earn mind two 12-step uniteings and coercionthcoming each uniteing earn transcribe up a cogitation of their proof. The point of this ordinance is ce tyros to execute experiential and moral instruction of what is complicated in the 12-step reanimation system. PLEASE LOOK INTO THE GROUPS YOUR WANT TO ATTEND IMMEDIATELY SO YOU CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY.
In your example of this 12-Step purpose, delight still n ess that refereffectual full 12-step uniteings are “open.”  Unless you unite the compulsory criteria ce mindance at a “closed” 12-step cluster, barely mind 12-step clusters that are “open.”  Some of the practiceffectual 12-step clusters that you dominion be effectual to mind embody the coercionthcoming (comprehend the indicated website ce further info on times and dregss):
· Al-Anon: http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/meetings/meeting.html
· Alcoholics Anonymous: http://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org/en_find_meeting.cfm?PageID=29
· Celebrate Reanimation: http://www.celebraterecovery.com/?page_id=7 
· Codependents Anonymous: http://www.codependents.org/ajax_control.php?action=load_translation&language=1
· Emotions Anonymous: http://allone.com/12/ea/ 
· Gamblers Anonymous: http://www.gamblersanonymous.org/mtgdirTOP.html
· Nar-Anon: http://nar-anon.org/Nar-Anon/Nar-Anon_Groups.html 
· Narcotics Anonymous: http://portaltools.na.org/portaltools/MeetingLoc/
· Overeaters Anonymous: http://www.oa.org/meetings/ 
· Sexaholics Anonymous: http://www.sa.org/top/United%20States%20of%20America/
· SMART Reanimation: http://www.smartrecovery.org/meetings_db/view/
If practicable, it is recommended that you mind undivided Christian-based 12-step uniteing and undivided “secular” 12-step uniteing. YOU MUST ATTEND TWO DIFFERENT MEETINGS. THERE ARE SOME ONLINE MEETINGS, if you career to mind undivided of these uniteings you can barely “go” to undivided.  The other undivided must be Face to Face.
Your cogitation pamphlets ce the 12-Step mindance must be 1 to 2 double-spaced pages in extension ce each cluster. You must infringe your 12-Step cogitation pamphlet down into the coercionthcoming exceptions, and you must cling among the specified page season ce each exception and ce the pamphlet overall:
· Introduction (maximum: 1 double-spaced page)
o Indicate the 12-step uniteings that you minded, including such orienting advice as the idea of uniteing, date, the dregs of the uniteing, the compute and demographics of the uniteing mindees (extraneously giving any identifieffectual specific advice encircling the mindees), how desire the uniteing was, what it complicated, et cetera.
· Description of your Proofs (maximum: 1.5 double-spaced pages)
o Ce each uniteing, diminutively narrate your thoughts and feelings (a) antecedently the uniteing, (b) during the uniteing, and (c) coercionthcoming the uniteing. 
· What I Well-informed (maximum: 1.5 double-spaced pages)
o Ce each uniteing, embody a diminutive description of what you well-informed encircling the 12-step reanimation system.
· Summary (maximum: 1 double-spaced page)
o Diminutively condense what you are insertion detached from this proof and how it may or may refereffectual relieve you in conducting addictions counseling with clients who are in the reanimation system.

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