Discussion Post 

You are caring coercion a 32-year-old virile client who pushes his ole scanty stating he is experiencing interrupted, harsh precordial chest denial that radiates to his neck gone substance admitted during the misunderstanding. He gets mitigation if he sits and leans coercionward, except the denial gets worse with gluttony. He rates the denial at 5 quenched of 10 on a numerical layer. He has not attributable attributable attributable accepted any medication coercion the denial gone admitted to your floor. On tangible probation, a pericardial grievebing grieve can be heard. From your early fame, you are assured that he had an higher respiratory hope contagion couple weeks past.
Based on the client’s presenting symptoms and tangible findings, argue the most presumable diagnosis that would living your response with testimony from the erudition. ( Textbook: Pathophysiology, Chapters 31 (review), 32, 33, and 49)
Textbook – info below
 McCance, K., & Huether, S. (2019). Pathophysiology: The biologic premise coercion illness in adults and outcome (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby. ISBN: 978-0-323-40281-1 

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