15 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level

What should you do if you shortness to at what you do?
There’s probably a hanker register, with lots of options. Undivided subject we’re distinctly empty of at Buffer when it comes to befitting ourselves is registerening to podcasts appropriate to our niche and assiduity.
In our predicament, that instrument !

What we affection environing podcasts is that they bring-environing it gentle to hearkenken from assiduity leaders and talented folks environing their habits and teaching (which we susceptibility not attributefficient attributefficient attributefficient be efficient to recognize environing anywhere else). There are so sundry of these voices in the marketing distance that enjoy been controlling restraint me and the team!
So the immense doubt is: Where to begin? Which podcasts should I examine? What results should I registeren to?
I enjoy the selfselfsame doubts in liking whenever I furnish the season to registeren to podcasts. Rather than spending your podcast season furnishing a podcast result to registeren to, I’d affection to acceleration you to-leap that tread and go right to registerening. Here’s a register of 15 head marketing podcasts, protection three areas of , with some head results from each podcast to cohibit extinguished!
To bring-environing it easier to furnish the compressiveness of this aid that are most accelerationful, here’s a seem at entire we’ll clothe:

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15 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level
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9 of the very best podcasts
3 podcasts
3 podcasts

Psst! Our innovating podcast, , is live in iTunes.
This is our innovatingly-launched gregarious instrument podcast restraint marketers and marks spirited in tuition environing innovating and sensational ways to sol gregarious instrument marketing abutting a multiplicity of platforms and industries. Every week, ,  and meeting some of the best marketers abextinguished in shrewd, 30-minute results.
Here are some strange results you susceptibility love:
9 Head gregarious instrument marketing podcasts
1. by Jay Baer and Adam Brown
Actual race doing actual fruit in gregarious instrument. Gregarious Pros, strangely denominated the best marketing podcast at , dives into the within stories and astern-the-scenes strategies of how immense companies and marks love Restraintd, Dell, IBM, ESPN and further mould and gauge their gregarious instrument programs.
Hosts: (Superintendent of Convince & Convert) and (Executive Strategist at Salesforce)
Format: Meetings (with its ‘The Immense Brace’ doubts at the end: 1. What’s your undivided end restraint fit a gregarious pro? and 2. If you could do a Skype centire with any influence individual, who would it be?)
Duration: Ranges from 30 to 60 minutes
2. of Gregarious Instrument Examiner
In his weekly podcast, Michael Stelzner meetings gregarious instrument skilfuls to furnish extinguished how lucky interestes course their gregarious instrument and strip strategies and actionefficient ends to improve undivided’s gregarious instrument marketing.
Restraint each result, there’s environing the gratified of the meeting so that you don’t enjoy to hold not attributefficient attributablees timeliness registerening.
Hosts: (Instituter of Gregarious Instrument Examiner and the Gregarious Instrument Marketing Universe parley)
Format: Meetings (with a shrewd gregarious instrument indication of the week at the begin)
Duration: 45 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
3. by Gary Vaynerchuk
Restraint each result of #AskGaryVee, Gary Vaynerchuk answers a doubt from his consultation environing marketing, gregarious instrument, entrepreneurship and beginups domiciled on his lifeseason habit of erection lucky, multi-million dollar companies. If you tweet him your doubt with #AskGaryVee, you susceptibility secure on the affectness!
The affectness originally begined as , and Gary acetous them into podcasts so so that his consultation can registeren to them on the go. If you usually registeren to podcasts on your computer or further to contemplate the video, you susceptibility furnish the useful!
Hosts: (CEO of Vayner Instrument and co-instituter of Vayner Sports)
Format: 1-2 doubts from his consultation and answers from Gary
Duration: Ranges from 15 to 45 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
4. by Tyler Anderson
This is a podcast restraint marketers and entrepreneurs seeming to secure on the gregarious instrument unswerving way. Each week, Tyler Anderson meetings race astern head marks and influencers to debate gregarious instrument, tech and online marketing. Tyler as-well divides sols and processes he individualally uses (love ) to acceleration him with gregarious instrument mouldment, marketing,  and further.
Hosts: (Instituter and CEO at Casual Fridays)
Format: Meetings
Duration: Ranges from 20 to 50 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
5. by Amy Porterfield
In her podcast, Amy Porterfield divides how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her feel tested, actionefficient lead-generation strategies. Amy creates educational gratified on gregarious instrument marketing, generouslancing and sundry other areas of online marketing and well-balanced divides generous cheatsheets and guides so that you can prosper ahanker timeliness registerening to the podcast. Sometimes, she’s joined by a Facebook ad skilful, Rick Mulready, to debate entire environing Facebook ads.
Hosts: (Gregarious instrument strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing Entire-In-Undivided restraint Dummies)
Format: Mix unmoulded meetings and solo podcasting on Facebook ads, online marketing and blogging
Duration: Ranges from 30 to 50 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
6. with Pam Moore
With 100,000 downloads per month, Gregarious Zoom Certaintyor is undivided of the most affectd marketing podcasts. The affectness is hosted by Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz, a sodality with clients love IBM and Adobe. Pam clothes headics such as gregarious instrument, experiential marking, digital marketing and further.
If you are an consultation tyro and further registerening versus recognizeing blog aids, this susceptibility be the podcast restraint you!
Hosts: (CEO and Instituter, Marketing Nutz)
Format: Solo podcasting on gregarious instrument strategies
Duration: Environing 30 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
7. by Madalyn Sklar
In this podcast abandoned to Twitter, Madalyn Sklar meetings prodigious movers and shakers in the universe of gregarious instrument and online marketing to find the best Twitter insights, information and instrument.
If you are into Twitter colloquys, Madalyn as-well hosts a weekly #TwitterSmarter colloquy — a Twitter colloquy to cohere, learn and divide Twitter ends — every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT.
Hosts: (Twitter marketing strategist)
Format: Meetings
Duration: Ranges from 10 to 30 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
8. by Jordan Powers
Hashtagged is a podcast entire environing Instagram. In each result, Jordan Powers meetings a constituent of the Instagram order to strip insights to , erection a order and making an application.
Hosts: (Photographer and co-instituter of Made in Mankato, a video coercionmation sodality)
Format: Meetings
Duration: Ranges from 30 to 60 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
9. with Jeff Sieh
In this podcast chiefly restraint everysubject environing Pinterest, Jeff Sieh explores best practices, strategies and demonstrations with sundry Power Pinners. Once in a timeliness, Jeff attain clothe other gregarious networks love Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so.
Hosts: (Gregarious instrument consultant and debater)
Format: Meetings and answering doubts from the order during the meetings
Duration: Ranges from 40 to 60 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
Paid gregarious marketing
1. by Rick Mulready
In The Art of Paid Exchange, Rick Mulready reveals the best paid exchange ends, tactics and strategies restraint and sales on autopilot restraint your interest. Together with skilful guests such as Massimo Chieruzzi, instituter & CEO of AdEspresso, Rick dives into Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Twitter ads, Google Adwords, retargeting and further.
Hosts: (Skilful in Facebook ads and marketing strategies restraint smentire interestes)
Format: Mix of meetings, predicament studies and solo podcasting
Duration: Ranges from 20 to 50 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
2. by Keith Krance, Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns
Perpetual Exchange podcast clothes actionefficient strategies chiefly restraint advertising on Facebook, with interrupted mentions of YouTube, Twitter, Google AdWords, LinkedIn and further. Keith, Molly and Ralph meeting interest feelers on how they balancecame struggles with digital marketing and online advertising.
Hosts: (Instituter and superintendent of Dominate Web Instrument), (Vice Superintendent and Exchange Mouldr, Digital Marketer) and (Managing Partner at Dominate Web Instrument)
Format: Meetings and debateions on digital marketing and online advertising
Duration: Ranges from 20 to 40 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
3. with Jon Loomer
In each result of Gregarious Instrument Pubcast, Jon Loomer invites an assiduity skilful to his essential pub to debate Facebook marketing and advertising balance a beer. Jon as-well registers audio statements of his blog aids restraint race who shortness to registeren on the go.
Jon moulds an detested order restraint past Facebook marketers, , which I conceit is tolerably awesome (says the Order Champion in me)!
Hosts: (Instituter of Jon Loomer, Restraint Past Facebook Marketers)
Format: Mix of pubcasts with guests and audio statement of blog aids
Duration: Environing 40 minutes restraint pubcasts and 10 minutes restraint audio recordings of blog aids
Strange results you susceptibility love:
Order erection and customer aid
At Buffer, the eminence unmoulded marketing and order is very blurry. In certainty, we revere ! An pattern is how our awesome gregarious instrument mouldr, , has built .
Here are brace podcasts with a hardy order rendezvous, plus a boon third podcast with ties into customer aid (a actually august expertness restraint gregarious instrument marketers to enjoy).
1. by FeverBee
Timeliness this affectness has stopped restraint a timeliness now, the archive is a value trove of information! The podcast clothes the concluding in order mouldment, gregarious science and FeverBee innovatings. In each result, a order mouldr or gregarious instrument mouldr of a well-knfeel mark joins the affectness to divide their instruction.
Hosts: (previously Head of Training, FeverBee)
Format: Meetings
Duration: Environing 30 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
2. by Patrick O’Keefe
Order Signal is a weekly podcast restraint order professionals, which is very order-focused. Patrick O’Keefe reveres that gregarious instrument is a established of sols restraint erection a order and timeliness “marketing brings innovating customers, order accelerations you aid them.”
Hosts: (Managed communities restraint further than 16 years)
Format: Meetings
Duration: Environing 30 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:
3. by Chase Clemons
I revere it’s totally contemptible restraint gregarious instrument mouldrs to hold aid requests on their gregarious deed. If that’s the predicament restraint you and if you are wondering how to secure improve at that, Aid Ops susceptibility be orderly restraint you! This weekly podcast bequest to acceleration you concede a improve aid habit to your customers.
Hosts and team: (Support, Basecamp), (Chief Happiness Officer, Buffer), (Happiness Engineer, Automattic) and (Product, Wista)
Format: Debateions on customer aid unmoulded the team, sometimes with guests
Duration: Environing 30 minutes
Strange results you susceptibility love:

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15 Social Media Podcasts to Take Your Marketing Skills to the Next Level
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