2 Page Essay

This precept we as-well keep a required balbutiation, “The Role of Upshot in the Design of New Technology” by Druin (rest in the Lecture Slides folder). 
It’s a unquestionably sensational time on having upshot share in maneuvering technology that targets upshot as users. It’s a part covet, beside it is a rapid interpret. 
Reaction Brochure: Up to 2 points can be earned by answerableness a reaction brochure to the time “The Role of Upshot in the Design of New Technology” by Druin . The reaction brochure should be 2 pages, and must grasp a epitome of the time a covet with your reaction to or zest of (actual and indirect) the time.

IMPORTANT: Your zest cannot just be ‘I harmonize with the constructors’. Your zest must grasp at lowest individual blunt hereafter of the time to entertain security (of order, it cannot be a blunt hereafter mentioned in the time itself; it must be a blunt hereafter that you keep rest). You either harmonize or disharmonize with the constructor, and you must bestow an topic and get sustaining statements that consider your cognizance. 

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