5 important tools that will guide you in writing a win-win Essay

Essay writing is a noble task for students. Colleges and University tutors usually evaluate their students through essays. In most cases, essays carry 30% to 45% of the course total grades. Therefore, scoring high grades in essays is an assurance of passing in that particular course.

Doing well in an essay test is an effort that requires excellent skills. Apart from skills, there are several tools that essay writers need to have at their disposal. These tools help ensure that the student covers the relevant ideas and submit a quality essay. They include


A rubric in essay writing is a tool that outlines what students should cover, the length of the essay, the number of sources, and the submission date. When giving out an essay, professors usually give out a rubric form that guides the students on grounds to cover. When awarding marks, tutors and professors check every section of the essay rubric and grades it according to what the student has accomplished. Every time you are given an essay, always consider asking for the rubric.

Online library

Students are required to include several sources in their essays. Sources are reference materials that students retrieve important points for their writing. They include books, journals, and videos, among other sources. Secondary sources are the major reference materials. These sources can be found in college libraries or online libraries. Retrieving information from print materials could be tiring. The Internet has made all these easy by helping librarians publish their library materials on websites. As a college student, your tutor will guide you on how to get to these libraries.

Apart from online college libraries, there are online libraries dedicated to research. Students can access these libraries by registering with campus email, while others are offered for free. They include Ebscohost, Pubmed, and Jstor. These libraries offer credible sources for your essay. When used, the quality of your information is assured, hence, attracting quality grades.


Sometimes students may not be conversant with all grammatical requirements in the English language. Grammarly is an artificial language enhancing tool that helps in identifying errors in your piece of writing. This tool is compatible with Microsoft word. After writing, students can activate it to run through the entire essay. Errors made in the entire essay becomes visible and essay to rectify. I would recommend that every student, both EFL, and ESL install this important tool on their Microsoft word for ease of revising their essays before submitting them for grading.


Essay writing is a matter of creativity. Students are required to write original work and cite any work they directly copy from used reference materials. Copy directly from the sources with acknowledging the source amounts to plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious crime in academics and may lead to the loss of grades or the entire cancellation of your essay. However, it sometimes becomes difficult to identify areas that you have copied directly from the Internet or other sources. To avoid falling into this crime, students are advised to use a Turnitin plagiarism detector. This tool may be provided for free on your online class platform. Also, you can simply subscribe to their premium plan, which is affordable to students. After completing the essay writing process, run your work through the software and detect the areas plagiarized. Simply rewrite the highlighted sentences to remove plagiarism. Thereafter, submit your clean work for grading.

Notebook and pen

Most of the students fail for the lack of proper planning and drafting of their essays. Essay writing requires a proper plan. The very important part of drafting an essay is outlining the main points. These can be the headings and sub-headings to be included in every part. Drafting an essay requires a student to understand the essay topic. A brainstorming action should follow as a way of identifying areas to cover. To remember all activities to be covered, it is important to pen them down on a piece of paper. A notebook, in this case, is important for future reference. Drafting also helps in maintaining the flow of information while typing the final essay.

Internet-connected computer

Computers have replaced papers and worksheets that were used in handwriting. In every college and university, students are required to type and submit their work on online platforms. To accomplish this, an internet-connected computer is a tool to use. Fortunately, computers have become part of our lives. They are readily available and affordable depending on their use. Internet cables are in our houses. It is just a few training that is required to ensure you are fully fit. These tools are also an important source of information for students in writing their essays

Final fix

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