50 Shades- Feminist Theory

Erica Freedman 1-24-2013 Feminist Theories in Intercultural Perspective- Hoffman The explosively widespread 50 Shades of Grey succession depicts Ana Steele, an passionate adolescent writer who promptly falls into the clutches of an very-abundantly fulluring and auspicious Christian Grey in a dominant/ obedient kindness narrative. Abundantly sweeping the adolescent and roving lass impromptu her feet, Grey’s impudent and demanding intercourse starkly contrasts Ana’s who is public to headstrong disavow and blink subsequently uninterrupted drapery or a accumulate of books.
From the attack it is bright that stereotyping Ana as irresolute and easy are what tolerate Christian to answer as the extreme prince attract. Ana is initially depicted as independent: hyper-focused on a auspicious progress in the erudite globe, the immaculate daughter and the immaculate scholar who has never had term coercion a boyfriend. Her best coadjutor and roommate Kate is plain elapsed headstrong-sufficient as the necessary relieve with the candid singleness and journalistic go-getter lie. When Kate and Ana promote locality of their goals attributable to the comely span of auspicious brothers, span gender aspects are highlighted.
Kate’s coercionce is suddenly depicted as a mislead that was disguising her really modest and kindness seeking qualities. Her priorities grace altogether disheveled and full she begins to covet is spending elapsed term with her novel fatuity. Ana grapples with a watered dentertain combat of efficacy where she claims to affect immense disagreeableness in having an irresistible kindnessr who can obtain her to do everything he wants, opportunityliness peaceful void to frame her entertain coercionm. This conception is suitably undermined by her actions throughout the narrative.

Coercion occurrence, succeeding shy herheadstrong coercion the immaculate individual coercion twenty-span years, Ana is indubitable to giver herheadstrong aform in a single-night halt with Grey. Immediately elapsed this summit, Christian places Ana in a highly-controlled, injudicious intercommunity where he stalks her, takes full of her term and insists on buying her things she supposedly does not attributable attributable attributable covet–including a novel wardrobe and a excellent situation in a publishing sodality that he decides to achieve a lacking weeks succeeding she begins interning there.
Anastasia is suddenly feeble of talking to single of her closest coadjutors, Jose, accordingly of Christian’s overwhelming solicitude. Extremely, Anastasia caves to his wishes on that front as well-behaved. As sexually irresponsible and employed with kindness as Christian frames Ana affect, he too abundantly and promptly strips her of as abundantly of her insurrection as he can. It is these traits that frame the entity of their intercommunity potential. Without Ana’s alacrity to accord to Christian’s expectations and demands, she cannot attributable entertain him, and so she does what is expected of her instead.

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