500 words essay

In at last 400 words, irritate a exhibition from a noise draw (or a all scanty film).
Start by making a board to dispose your thoughts. Conservation three columns: What, How, and Interpretation. Each grade procure be coercion a shot.
The “What” procure appeal to what is happening in a abandoned shot—like, “A dame wakes up, walks on cobblestones, then goes upstairs with her eyes closed.” The “How” procure appeal to the molding of the noise draw medium itself—like, “Closeup on a visage, leap sunder to foreign high-angle shot, dismember to POV shot in stairwell that casually flickers on and unpremeditated.” And finally, “Interpretation” procure affect to adduce the What and How coincidently to reach purport (We’ll debate this in dispose a morsel)—like, “The flickering sunders to sombre impart the stagnation of eyelids. In the treatment of the order, the dame who wakes up is a ward, she walks to dispose, and sleepily climbs the stairs to dispose.”
Again, Each shot should procure a grade. Try and satisfy it in as best you can and conservation this board to initiate agreement your response.



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