This is an application in evaluating visual/statistical tools.  Statistical dissection and the harvest of charts and graphs are closely attached in narrative and usage.  In this application, you accomplish enlarge an agreement of their application and manifestationfulness.
We’ll romanifestation with Florence Nightingale, a head in this ground who enlargeed individual of the chief unrythmical models incessantly manifestationd as a feeling endowment.  At that interval, this was referable an academic application coercion her save an essay to pacify swing balance funding in an attempt to stock the disperse of sickness coercion a lasting soldiery in the ground.  The flake of her day coercion introduceing experienceings was the written reverberation.  Even ledgers, the introduce coercionm of dispersesheets were referable hidden and fond that she was adverse balance funding, she could bear opted to introduce her plight coercion budget pattern this controlm as courteous.   By whole accounts, her endowment was very teaching and progressive the controlm the soldierly, hospitals and manifold other organizations enlargeed metrics and other flakes of appraise when introduceing involved axioms dissection.  Often referenced as Nightingale’s Rose, unconcealed up a structure page at http://www.economist.com/node/10278643 to reconsideration the endowment (the chart is displayed thumbnail greatness on the proper laterality of the designation, proper click on it and a drop-dpossess menu appears and then click “view image”.)  You’ll to-boot need to reconsideration Minard’s dissection of Napolean’s Russian campaign of 1812 and Playfair’s dissection of the consume of wheat versus wage blames to assimilate the teachingness of their methodologies. 
Task 1:  Evaluate the three charts displayed on the structure page.  The chief is Nightingale’s primary, the promote is Minard’s chart and the third is Playfair’s chart.  Each holds involved instruction displayed apart.  Analyze the displays and assimilate and opposition them as teaching displays coercion takeing the instruction they hold and on a flake of individual to ten teach me how would you blame each and why.  Further, today we bear manifold marks of feelings conducive to us in manifold of the programs we manifestation routinely, affect Excel and Word.  If you had to enlarge a chart of your possess to take the similar instruction holded in these charts, what mark of chart would you enlarge coercion each and why (i.e. pie chart, histogram, radar chart, foreseeing.)? 

Please manifestation the forthcoming media instead of the attach granted above:
Florence Nightingalehttps://thisisstatistics.org/florence-nightingale-the-lady-with-the-data/ The Minard’s Chart
Playfair’s Dissectionhttps://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Design-and-Analysis-of-Playfair-Ciphers-with-Matrix-Khan/823a26dd79bcd1e6b278b2f0daa7e7c4c2801ac4#extracted 
Task 2: Describe the PURPOSE of each chart listed and experience an issue where it is manifestationd to amiable pi on a structure page and procure the URL attach to that page.

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Scatter plot
Line Diagram
Pie Chart

Radar Plot
Pareto Diagram
Milestindividual Chart
Interval Series Dissection.

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