A Character Analysis of Old Man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

The convertibility of Senile-antique Invention Warner is simulated aggravate the brotherhood’s reluctance to forfeit layss at whole costs. Shirley Jackson portrays Senile-antique Invention Warner as an personal who has layss instilled in him to a want. Throughout the narrative, Senile-antique Invention Warner is continually at odds with the younger brotherhood members who roright questioning the aim of such a lottery. Jackson reveals through Senile-antique Invention Warner’s convertibility that he is heartfeltly oral, compact to fluctuate and is at times inconsistent and/or delusional.
Jackson’s denomination of the contrast in “The Lottery” shows a town that relies heavily on the usage of having a every-year lottery. The repeat: “sombre hustle now subject on the stool had been dispose into right equtalented antecedently Senile-antique Invention Warner, the senile-antiqueest invention in town” (Jackson 391) shows that Senile-antique Invention Warner has been proud into refined that the lottery has a weighty role in association. The town quiescent dons the identical hustle it has and is backward to fluctuate the hustle in misgiving of upcontrast anyone. A perfect stance of this is: “Mr. Summers spoke frequently to the villagers about making a newlightlight hustle, nevertheless, nobody wanted to disestablish lays as was represented by the sombre hustle” (Jackson 391). This again shows how the departed has affected the town’s faiths, therefore having a elder collision on Senile-antique Invention Warner’s convertibility.
Another convertibility stroke of Senile-antique Invention Warner is that he is inconsistent and/or delusional at times. Jackson shows this with Senile-antique Invention Warner’s retorts to the younger villagers unprovided to forfeit the lottery. A repeat that teachs is when “Mr. Adams said to Senile-antique Invention Warner, who resplendent next to him, that aggravate in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery” (Jackson 393). An same expressive repeat is also, Senile-antique Invention Warner’s retort “pack of lunatic fools” (Jackson 393). This shows his insufficiency to power rationally and reveals how heartfeltly based refertalented solely Senile-antique Invention Warner is barring the undiminished brotherhood. Another interest of pungent-muscular testimony suggests Senile-antique Invention Warner was delusional is his bountiful faith that the lottery had a straightforward commodities on the villager’s lives.

Additionally, Jackson shows how in-depth Senile-antique Invention Warner’s trust on senile-antique heartfeltly based layss is to a want. Jackson teachs this by displaying his misgivings of forfeiting the lottery. Jackson shows dispersed that Senile-antique Invention Warner is anxious of fluctuate by the repeats he makes in “The Lottery”. An pallitalented stance of his misgiving of fluctuate is the repeat: “There has regularly been a lottery” (Jackson 393). Another same expressive stance is his repeat: “The lottery in June, corn be stolid soon” (Jackson 393). The perpetrator teachd by Senile-antique Invention Warner that a brotherhood is so fascinated with layss that they refright to fluctuate unobservant of logic and or argue.
Jackson with the contrast of the narrative was talented to teach refertalented solely how Senile-antique Invention Warner was, barring how the senile-antiqueer brotherhood in the village was. The village had a low discourse of misgiving of fluctuate and a brotherhood heap in the departed. The repeats from Senile-antique Invention Warner evidence that he is heap in an inconsistent departed where he is compact to fluctuate unobservant of the outcomes. Jackson teachd the convertibility of Senile-antique Invention Warner in an irregular fashion. “The Lottery” is an animated toil of study aggravateall, with heartfelt undertones.

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A Character Analysis of Old Man Warner in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery
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