A Psychometric Assessment of the Malay Version of Meyer and Allen’s

Meyer and Allen’s (1991) standard of structureal commitment conceptualizes it in stipulations of three detached dimensions: affective, establishment, and normative. The object of this consider was to prove its generalizability in Malaysia. Meyer and Allen’s esearch deed was translated into Malaysian expression and reserved to non-supervisory employees in 61 structures in the empire, semi- empire and secret sectors. Data from 672 respondents were analyzed using twain exploratory and confirmatory ingredient analyses. The results generally subsistence the cross-cultural generalizability of Meyer and Allen’s standard and profit of their questionnaire. The results also subsistence McGee and Controld’s (1987) design that establishment commitment may be reform represented y two sub-dimensions: single associated with the costs of leaving and the other associated with the availability of alternatives.
INTRODUCTION Humanization plays a dominant role in structureal studies. The avail of cross-cultural consider in empire was stated by abundant loreers. Gill (1983) emphasized that “interpretation cross-cultural unity differences can succor empire and empire to close past friendly combination of expectations where managers are infections from single province to another”.Triandis (1980) suggested that “control a adequate expertness of manner we need to fasten the characteristics of the ecology with the characteristics of humans”. Pastover, Bass and Barrett (1976) asserted that “generalizations about empire and supervision in the cross-cultural treatment are scant …
concepts and constructs nurture to change in import as we progress from single humanization to another … cross-cultural investigations possess extensive profit control industrial and structureal psychology”.Organizational commitment in late years has grace an weighty concept in structureal lore and in the interpretation of employees’ behaviour in the workplace. It reflects the size to which employees identify with an structure and are committed to its goals. A meta-analysis of 68 studies and 35,282 men-folks biblical a cogent interdependence between structureal commitment and job complacency (Tett and Meyer, 1993).

However, another consider showed that simply 38 per cent of employees feel any long-term commitment to their structure (Today, 1995). Yet main organiz

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A Psychometric Assessment of the Malay Version of Meyer and Allen’s
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