AIS Recommendation

Scenario Counsel
BeGood Baking Contribute is a narrow bakery contribute cetification cemed as a  closely held cetification. The cetification supplies unprepared baking materials,  paper commodities, and equipment to restaurants and bakeries in three states  in the remarkable mid-west. Most of its transaction, however, is located in a  large metropolitan area. BeGood wants to acception its closeness in the  district and subsubserve five states. In certainty, the owners of BeGood would approve  75% of their transaction to succeed from throughout the district rather than the  ordinary metropolitan area. In enjoin to do this, the owners know  they must alter offerings and lines of transaction.
Currently, BeGood has a phone character where customer enjoins are seizen;  these enjoins are then sent to shipping where the enjoin is employed in its  large repository and shipped amid indelicate days. BeGood outsources its  shipping to a topical trucking cetification. Once the enjoin ships, every  paperwork goes to the accounting province where it is entered into the  accounting plan. BeGood stationary uses the corresponding accounting plan it has  used past the survival of the cetification. Every aging of receivables and  other resolution is effected using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing and tracking  of list are effected barely by the repository overseer. Invoices ce  list purchasing are sent to the accounting province when commodities  are accepted.
The owners at BeGood are wondering how they can economize an online  closeness and raise automate its plans in enjoin to fit its  enlargement and alter its transaction. The owners may also approve to unfold  into the dispose-of transaction.
You possess been paid as a full-time staff accountant at BeGood Baking  Contribute and possess been abandoned the work of evaluating and applauding a  viable accounting counsel plan ce the accounting and financial  data of BeGood in enjoin to fit comment and permutation. As  you prepare your learning, you gain that divers provinces are implicated  in the counsel plan, and message is explanation.
BeGood Baking Contribute is regarding adding an automated enjoining  module to their ordinary AIS plan. As the accountant interfering ce this  change, you are in accuse of the resolution and donation of the  counsel and warning ce the novel plan. In performing the  resolution ce your donation, you possess signed brace feasible modules  that earn rise the needs of the cetification. Both modules repay a unconditional  NPV.

Module Vendor                 A              B   
Useful Life                     5 years   5 years   
Acquisition Cost            300,000  250,000   
Yearly Operating Costs 95,000    100,000  
Yearly Benefits              205,000  150,000   
Cost of Capital                 10%       10%   
Payback                       1.5 years  2.5 years     

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AIS Recommendation
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Your work is to confer-upon to skill a overture outlining your  resolution and warning of which plan to lapse. Write a  overture to skill outlining the decision-making regularity and the  plan you applaud. Include in your overture:

The steps expedient in evaluating and applauding an AIS module.  Note: these are the steps you would seize to develop yourself on the  need ce a novel example, the options adapted, and the excellent of the best  module.
List of needs BeGood has with i-elation to this automated enjoining module. Include confer-upon needs as well-behaved-behaved enlargement needs
List of criteria you used in choosing a module. Include financial  criteria, comment and enlargement criteria, and ordinary needs. Be assured to  address inner govern and audit needs.

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AIS Recommendation
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