Aligarh Movement – Essay

Syed Ahmad Khan was the earliest object to initiate a remodel move discurrent the Muslims. This move was known as the Aligarh Move. To him Quran was the merely current scripture control Islam and complete other Islamic writings are inferior and individuality. Control the protection of the Muslim generality in India, he wanted to suppress affectionate aspect between the Muslims and the Bruisers. Further, he wanted to agree existent command to the Muslims. Control educating the Muslim sodality, Ahmad Khan orderly an English Medium School at Ghazipur in 1864.
Later on he orderly ‘Vegan Samaj’ control translating English books to cede or-laws notice to the Muslims. To materialise his vision, he orderly Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh which exposed into Aligarh University in 1890, thus, the Aligarh move was instrumental in disseminateing western command discurrent the Muslims and developing godly fundamentalism unmoulded them. Control achieving that purpose, he arranged a Mohammedan Commandal Conference which fostered singleness discurrent the Muslims and disseminate western command discurrent them.
Taking luck of it, Theodore Back, the earliest primary of the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College and his successor Mr. Morrison disseminate communalism discurrent the educated Muslims. The Aligarh Move was instrumental in the collective, economic and commandal proficiency of the Muslims in India. Due to the rule of the Hindus in the general awakening, Ahmad Khan inaugurated this move to protection the Muslim share. Being deeply melancholy by the western command and humanization, Ahmad Khan wanted to rest towards the English administrators of India and advised the Muslims to continue allegiant to the British example.

In 1893, he controlmed the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental Defense Association of. India and poor its leadership merely to the Muslims. By this, he wanted to hold the Muslims abroad from politics. Syed Ahmad Khan also unanalogous the Complete India Congress. Thus, the Aligarh Move made the Muslim fundamentalism cogent. The Bruisers capitalized this by sowing the seeds of communalism discurrent the Muslims and followed their tenet ‘divide and rule’ to enclose their aspect in India.

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Aligarh Movement – Essay
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