American International Group and the Bonus Fiasco

On September 16, 2008 AIG suffered a liquidity contingency subjoined the downgrade of its reputation rating. In reply, the federal council allotted AIG 85 billion in a bailquenched to support the strong adrift in exchange coercion an equity jeopard in the concourse. In a very controversial instigate, AIG compensated quenched more than 500 pet in salaries and bonuses to senior employees following accepting the federal coadjutorship money. This quenchedraged the general, and in decline politicians who attempted to set a 90% assessment on the bonuses. Especially owing these bonuses were categorized by AIG as “retention” bonuses and a bulk of the recipients were referable longer with the strong.
AIG’s aggravatecounterpoise collection was that their urbane constitution was “pay coercion work” excluding did referable permit the executives to enjoy a downside if the surrender they took did referable pay unpremeditated. AIG’s plan did referable refresh the concourse’s heart values, repair cohesion and commitment to the goals and objectives of the concourse, and engage with the organizations aggravateall band-arms and point. This “pay coercion work” damages plan besides seems to enjoy driven the urbane refinement to individual in which the indicate of the diversion was to behold quenched coercion yourself, rather than the share of the strong. In enjoin to address this, I confide AIG do the subjoined:
1. Damages should be linked to drive the Concourse and Individual Work. 2. A counterpoise should be reached between Short-Term and Long-Term work Demands. Incentive damages should be linked to Concourse results aggravate the fiscal year. The damages should be unwillingly compensated as long-term awards that are linked to multi-year work. 3. Retention of Key Talent, excluding Protect the Companies Share. This could be courteous by including cancellations conditions coercion bonuses in the trade contracts if the employee leaves coercion a rival. Further a claw end supply if the idiosyncratic engages in spend that is hurtful to the concourse in some method. 4. Eliminate controversial damages practices that do referable answer to be clear and are barely “pay coercion work.” 5. Ensure table aggravatesight and governance of the damages plot. 6. Increase shareholder declare in damages of executives 7. Ensure paleness in damages practices and methods of despatch between the table and shareholders concerning these practices.

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American International Group and the Bonus Fiasco
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