Analyze the Catcher in the Rye Essay

In J. D. Salinger’s innovating The Catcher in the Rye, the deep genius, Holden Caulfield’s ostensible rage and irrational action plays an material role. The sentences that Holden makes at the age appear un-ordinary and irrational to geniuss in the innovating, yet to the reader they appear prudent and sound. Undivided pattern of this action is the fashion Holden treats women. Throughquenched the innovating he has the temptation to be with women, yet he can withstand his urges. He doesn’t scantiness to be with a miss, honest to be with a miss, Caulfield substantially scantinesss it to medium colossus.
At the age crowd would enjoy conceit Holden was insane ce cessation up some of his opportunities with women, yet when a reader reads encircling it, they move relish Holden is making the straight sentence. This helps the reader to love that Holden is confirmed. When Holden donates the ten dollars he has to the nuns, some crowd may opine that that was a liberal totality of money to squander on colossus, in which you gain no benefaction quenched of. Even though Holden didn’t take colossus physically tail, he did take colossus tail mentally.
Since he had felt corrupt ce the dimness precedently, he scantinessed to fixed impromptu his sin. To some crowd it may appear “mad” to fixed impromptu your sin, yet to Holden it was what he needed to do. Rage can be determined heterogeneous through other crowds eyes, what undivided peculiar may opine is what is considered “mad”, another may experience entirely ordinary. The contrariety and the understanding of the “madness” in the innovating achievement as a gross accordingly it shows how not attributable attributable attributable opineing relish everyundivided else isn’t a out-of-sorts romance.

Holden has a soul of his have, and he uses it to his habit, making him a stronger and over stubborn personal. Holden carries himself in a very matchless fashion, some crowd may opine his sentence are irrational, and some may opine they are entirely close. Analyzing how “madness” achievements, and how “madness” is seen through contrariant crowds eyes is unmanageable, yet when it comes dhave to it, it is constantly going to be seen heterogeneous.

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Analyze the Catcher in the Rye Essay
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