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Please discover Chapters 9 in your citation and criticism the immovable Prezi table as courteous.
Jerome Robbins:
A choreographic overpower of fablepointed through resemble.
Please inspection the subjoined from his weighty catalog of effect:
West Side Fable:
Observe West Side Fable’s Prologue and voice how plenteous fablepointed transfers fix through change-of-place and name. This Prologue is adjacent to a finished ballet with scarcely any discourse, so plenteous fablepointed is accomplished here at the fissure of this fable, with change-of-place and possession over. Robbins gently moves us into the universe of resemble as the Jets stalk dhave the street contemporaneously, so that the inspectioner is subtly brought into the universe of resemble, extinguishedside entity jolted into a resemble glossary.
Resemble at the Gym:
This is a striking model of change-of-place pointed fable. The 2 crews- The Sharks and The Jets keep a resemble engagement at their proud ground gym, in rivalry with undivided another ce the excellent agency. In the middle of this, the couple pre-eminent dispositions meet- it is devotion at pristine visibility ce Tony and Maria each from a divergent crew, as this is a re-pointed of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Referable attributable attributableice how potent the uncompounded change-of-place is at pointed the fable of devotion at pristine visibility. In my theory, Tony and Maria’s change-of-place contemporaneously is over potent at expreswhistle their sensations than the discourse that they enumerate restraintthcoming the ballet.
Robbins indeed defines what it instrument to unconditionally keep to resemble. There is an aged theatre apothegm that explains the insufficiency to whistle and resemble, when signification are no longer ample- you must whistle, when whistleing is no longer ample to specific emotion- you must resemble. Robbins carves extinguished the disposition arcs of the Jets’ crew here in Cool so beautifully. There is so plenteous tightness in their buildup to the climactic resemble coercionce where they bust unreserved and rage, then fetch it end dhave ainnovating to a inaudible ferment. Compound emotions beautifully specificed through resemble.
Fiddler on the Roof:
Bottle Resemble:
Robbins specifices pleasure and observance in his account of a Russian Jewish bottle resemble, here from the approveness, Fiddler on the Roof. Extinguishedside this change-of-place, the poem would referable attributable attributable attributable adjacently keep the jar that it does.
We seemed at some of the most renowned vision ballets from Agnes DeMille, in Carousel and Oklahoma- fablepointed to excite the concoct of the resemble (or film), through resemble. Some other referable attributable attributableable resemble in film:
Gene Kelly:
Singin’ in the Rain from Singin’ in the Rain:

Moses Supposes from Singin’ in the Rain:

Compare and contrariety these 2 ballets, Our Devotion Is Here To Stay, from An American in Paris. The iconic film was of-late made into a Broadfashion melodious. The resemblers in the collocate account were twain authoritative ballet resemblers and the choreography is by Christopher Wheeldon, from the NYC Ballet. His account is plenteous over resemble-y and technical, the film account is over abextinguished name and sensation. Twain very potent.  You conquer keep a journal initiation doubt beinaudible in-reference-to this similitude.

An American in Paris with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron (primary movie):
An American in Paris with Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope (Broadfashion stamp):

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Fred Astaire:
There are so frequent shining Fred Astaire films and aggregate, it is distressing to scant it dhave ce the purposes of this collocate.
Please inspection the subjoined. He was referableorious ce his completion and name:
Swing Season with Ginger Rogers:

I Won’t Resemble from Roberta: referable attributable attributableice his portentous footwork

Bob Fosse
We inspectioned some of the effect of Bob Fosse earlier in the semester, with his Rich Man’s Frug from Sweet Charity. We conquer transfer a seem at a withdrawaling other Bob Fosse effects. His name was matchless, it is distressing to meet a name of choreography that is so whistleularly identifiable, as Bob Fosse’s is. He took his shortcomings as a resembler (withdrawal of extension, anticipation.) and crusty it into an exaggerated name that is seemingly very uncompounded, beside in truth, very compound. There is a striking innovating order that debuted this week on the FX agent named Fosse/Verdon. It is effected by Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton and is a striking seem into their universe.
Please inspection the subjoined Fosse clips:
Brief trailer on Bob Fosse from the PBS American Overpowers documentary:
From Sweet Charity, the shining Big Spender- so trivial change-of-place, so plenteous name and fabletelling. These are “taxi resemblers” that effect in a resemble moiety, this is a shining flip of the male behold, the women here behove the voyeurs and it behoves abextinguished the womanly behold. 

From the melodious, Cabaret, Mein Herr is an iconic Fosse enumerate. Cabaret was primaryly a Broadfashion approveness, made into a movie starring Liza Minelli (Judy Garland’s daughter) and Joel Grey. Referable attributable attributableice the authentication of chairs here, iconic Fosse.

Nowadays and Hot Honey Rag from Chicago:

Steam Heat from The Pajama Game:

Fosse’s Chicago was made into an Oscar-winning movie by Rob Marshall, who directed and choreographed. Marshall is directing the upcoming conclusion to Mary Poppins- Mary Poppins Returns.
Please inspection this enumerate, Cell Block Tango from the film, it is a trivial divergent than the Broadfashion account as it is referable attributable attributable attributable the Fosse account.

Fissure Series from All That Jazz. This movie is abextinguished a choreographer (an auto-biography abextinguished Bob Fosse, inveterate on the Fellini movie 8 ½). Roy Scheider resembles the Fosse type here and we are transfern through a Broadfashion audition.

Michael Bennett:
In the alike temper as the fissure series of All That Jazz, is A Chorus Line. There is a striking documentary named Every Trivial Step abextinguished the Broadfashion exercise. Beinaudible is the trailer, if you are spirited, it is definitely merit a observe, undivided of the best Broadfashion documentaries always made. The doubtful Michael Bennett, wrote, directed, and choreographed A Chorus Line. The voice is by Marvin Hamlisch. The approveness is abextinguished the spirit of a Broadfashion resembler. Bennett’s choreography is iconic.

The exercise Broadfashion stamp impressing on the 2007 Tony Awards:

There is a vulgar cemation of A Chorus Line at Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA.

A late cemation of A Chorus Line at City Center in NY. Here is a preview:

Broadfashion Today:
Hamilton brought to spirit a innovating fashion of fabletelling. Resemble uwhistle multiple vocabularies approve hip vault, jazz, ballet, present, and unembodied change-of-place to enumerate an poem fable.
Hamilton’s Tony Award achievement of the enumerate, Yorktown:

We conquer snapshot throughextinguished American history- from the cethcoming 20th century to today. Michelle Dorrance was of-late awarded a MacArthur Genius Grant ce her effect in tap.
Nicholas Brothers- undivided of the pristine impresss to impress as tap resemblers- vaudeville impress. They were dreadful, they were triple intimidation impressers and acrobats as courteous.
Tap marvellous-story Gregory Hines talks abextinguished the Nicholas Bros.

Gregory Hines from the movie White Nights:

Savion Glover from So You Believe You Can Resemble

Michelle Dorrance on the Stephen Colbert Approveness


Compare the 2 clips from An American in Paris. How do they vary in choreographic name? Which do you believe effects meliorate and why?
Why do you believe Robbins effect in West Side Fable is considered to be the penultimate in choreographic fabletelling? Authentication models from the Prologue, Resemble at the Gym, and Cool.
Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are couple marvellous-storys from the alike season continuance. What is divergent abextinguished their have specific names of resemble? Authentication models from the clips aloft.
What is in-truth matchless abextinguished Bob Fosse’s choreographic name? Authentication models from the clips we inspectioned this week.
Why do you believe the approveness A Chorus Line resonated so deeply and has remained a article of American melodious theatre?
How is Andy Blankenbuehler’s choreography in Hamilton divergent from Robbins’ choreography? How is it alike?
How has tap dancing evolved from the Nicholas Brothers to Gregory Hines to Savion to today with Michelle Dorrance?

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