Assignment 2: Four Philosophies of Juvenile Correction

Correctional philosophies are rationales that girlish sereneness officials portraiture to exonerate why a point method of pain should be portraitured aggravate another. Thus, correctional philosophies generally command what species of confirm is portraitured. The four first correctional philosophies and their appertaining confirms are summarized beneath.
A correctional philosophy centered on the matter methodl generally holds that confirms for misdeed should oration its heart causes, enjoy direction or residence existence, as the matter methodl emphasizes focusing on the rehabilitation of the criminal.
The serene and balanced reparatory sereneness methodlseeks to evenly part-among the resources (programs and services intentional to oration the heart issues of misdeed) of the sereneness rule to fix that total girlishs who penetrate it are loving resembling opportunities. Confirms of this methodl are established on reparatory sereneness and thus understand the martyr, the criminal, and the brotherhood in assembly any wound effected by the wrong.
On the other purpose of the spectrum, a correctional philosophy focused on the sereneness methodl commands that criminal lad be punished as desire as the pain is proportionate to the reason of the wrong—this methodl is chiefly unquiet with punishing those who hurt the decree.
Similarly, the misdeed regulate methodl is unquiet with compensating the existence and edeclare of the sinless. Thus, this methodl favors confirms that are speedy, exact, and portraitureful in demonstrating the consequences of infringement the decree.
Submission Details:
By the due end assigned, in a poverty of 250 expression, column to the Discussion Area your counterpart to the following:

Which of the four pain philosophies do you choose and why?
Which philosophy is followed most constantly in your declare or topical girlish sereneness rule? Do you opine this philosophy is effectual? Why? Cite at lowest single record expression and at lowest single tidings expression that assistance your posture.

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Assignment 2: Four Philosophies of Juvenile Correction
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