Atomic Company: SWOT analysis

SWOT of Atomic Sodality

Atomic Sodality, customary gone 1946, has had an distinguished and skilled administration team to subsistence its functions. The CEO made the sodality alter its restraintmation units to Taiwan and then to China from U.S. that granted Atomic Sodality with different strive and technological consume advantages. Similarly the financial crime principal Ramon as-well besidesk regard of the remodel rates benefits restraint the sodality and other consume dark advantages. Atomic has access to approximately every cleverness of U.S. restraint sales and the sodality has been growing incessantly gone departed rare years.  The sales delineation restraint Atomic Sodality has been skyrocketing with sales of $5.6 favorite solely in coercionemost locality of 2002.   
1. Atomic Sodality has multiform issues in-reference-to its trafficing strategies that are scarcityed to be fixed. Coercionemostly, the sodality has referable customary any infamy spectry restraint its dress and is selling it subordinate multiform vend stores extraneously focusing on make its avow infamy spectry. This has set-down Atomic Sodality subordinate inaptitude of capitalizing on the consumer traffic based on its prevailing lines enjoy Tiger Pants. The sodality should alter its goals parallel according to its augmentation archetype and scarcity to infamy itself.
2. Atomic Sodality’s sales province requires decent and skilled setup with hiring of sales personnel and cunning a well-thought amercement and benefits load restraint them. The sodality has no trafficing and sales scheme gone the accidental or by luck acception in sales do referable afford to the authoritative requirements of a unshaken. The sodality scarcitys serviceable sales personnel that scarcity referable to be pushed by besides tall amercements and can stagnant finish targets.
3. The National sales supervisor, Roger Post, has adopted multiform strategies of providing bounteous communication to celebrities that consume encircling $35000 in 2001 and premium dress to venders that consume encircling $75000. However, the premium shirts and bounteous communication to celebrities was referable justified in the consideration discussion gone the acception in sales restraint Tiger Pants was imputable to the accidental judgment enslaved by Roger to bestow detached bounteous pants to a fastening “Punk Rock Academy”, which churlish extinguished to unswerving extempore. The administration scarcitys to behold abstruse into the policy and require accountability from Roger gone the policy is wrecking the consume make of sodality and can be utilized in other trafficing schemes enjoy direct-to customer advertising.
4. The sales delineation of $5.6 favorite, solely in coercionemost locality of 2002, has created an conjecture restraint the administration of logistics and dealers in China gone the sales province is referable fixed in-reference-to the required batches of Tiger pants behind its sudden victory. The destructive revenues can consume sodality gigantic consumes in occurrence the sales raze does referable loosen up to expected raze. The administration should end up with a sedate target restraint term-being and the Sales source should be accountable restraint achieving that target through an powerful sales restraintce.
Atomic Sodality can capitalize on the opportunities granted by the prevailingity of Tiger Pants and go restraint direct-to customer advertising. The unaccounted expenses on bounteous communication to venders and celebrities can be redirected towards novel trafficing strategies. This method Atomic sodality can stay the raze of sales gone trafficing at this term would be bought by the customers, already animated in tiger pants and hence, can associated with Atomic Sodality as a infamy.
There is an expected lessen in require of Tiger pants gone the prevailingity of a bank is enjoy a fluke that can go detached with term. The lessen in require can administer to mislaying on schedule restraint Atomic Sodality and can thus, seriously detriment the revenues parallel with increasing consumes. The sodality scarcitys to alter its sales and trafficing strategies in command to strive with such browbeating.

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Atomic Company: SWOT analysis
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