Bidding for Event Management


Western Australian Footbentire Union (WAFL) was primitive certain in 1885 and is invetescold in Perth, Western Australia. WAFL is partnered with the seven network and suretyed by McDonalds. WAFL exotericly has nine teams competing in a 24 rounds occasion which inaugurates in March and concludes in September each year. The 2017 elevated definite obtain be played on the 23rd September at the Dodeep in Perth. The honor voiceian adapted to transact indecent of her most consummatevailing songs at the 2017 elevated definite is the R&B and pop voiceian Jessica Mauboy. Jessica Mauboy obtain besides attending the consummate-circumstance activities including engage and greet and promotional circumstances. Jessica Mauboy is single of Australia’s most auspicious womanly workmans that rose to rumor behindcited competing on the television program Australian Idol. Trappings at WAFL has dropped in new-fangled occasions conclusively the largest mob was during the 2010 elevated definite with 24,638 spectators. Jessica Mauboy consummatevailingity obtain be utilised to referable attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent barely exalt the WAFL except to extension trappings of spectators with a ultimatum calibre of 43,500. The circumstance obtain be televised on the seven network and indiscriminately throughextinguished western Australia on distinct radio stations.

Executive Summary

The behindcited narration indicates on how the circumstance “WAFL- Western Australian Footbentire Union”, obtain set free the honor transactance. The circumstance of voice concord obtain select establish in the WAFL stadium barely, antecedently and parallel with the matches. Consummateliminary establish in Perth on 23rd of September 2017, the WAFL obtain relish a monstrous epower of spectators. The honor obtain be invited to subjoin an extra buck of trickery parallel with the extension in the compute of spectators.

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The narration draws the observation towards the apprehension on who that honor is going to be, and entire the kindred tasks those would be interposed in hiring the honor. Parallel with this, the narration includes the apprehension on what is it going to consume to employ the honor and guide the integral circumstance, conjuncture consummateliminary the prophylactic and power into considerations. The deep problems and their explanation obtain besides be discussed in the behindcited narration, too the consummatefer considerations to the risks complicated and their conclusive explanations are besides interposed in the narration. Parallel with this apprehension, the narration besides reflects the constructive apprehension on other junior and sub-projects those are going to be crediting upon this scheme. The narration evaluates entire practicpotent appearance kindred to the circumstance and the circumstance kindred living-souls or stakeholders.


The external of the scheme is to make-friendly the tell restraint the logistics, circumstance skill and coordination restraint the circumstance at the 2017 WAFL Elevated Definite. Once consummated, the external is to organise a smooth-running auspicious circumstance with Jessica Mauboy transacting at the WAFL Elevated Definite. Another external is to extension the ultimatum compute of trappings which is among budgets and satisfies entire stakeholders wants and expectations.

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Target Extinguishedcomes

The target is to vend at decisive 85% of calibre which is 36,975 tickets sales. This can be measured on the aggregate trappings scold.

The target is to engage budgets and luck can be measured on the express expense vs. budgeted consumes.

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The end is to consummate at decisive 100% atonement scold in commendations to the regalement. This end can be measured through customer surveys and facts can be enslaved from any complaints.

How obtain the luck of the scheme be measured?

  • Customer Atonement
  • Among the budget
  • Set free on occasion


  • Auspicious and gainful circumstance
  • Excellent occasion skill
  • Planning and executing circumstance in such a habit that visitor relish being at the circumstance
  • Peculiar skill of manpower
  • (to be investigated consummatefer)

Governance: who is going to be binding if the circumstance lose?

The WAFC attempted a consummate audit of its administration techniques to answer-restraint that best habit frameworks and procedures were confused in basic leadership.

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  • Commissioners’ roles and duties
  • Tpotent dissuasive and transactance
  • Committees’ Provisions of Reference
  • Delegation of Powers and Authority Acclamations
  • HR/Football/Finance Policies
  • Footbentire kindred contracts and rules register
  • Probity issues and procedures
  • Re-examination of the WAFC Constitution

Explanation race has subjoinitionally been surveyed and corrected including:

  • WAFL Rules & Regulations
  • WAFL Trickeryding Agreement
  • Updating probity requirements into WAFL and other races

Reporting Requirements

To be investigated

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TheWestern Australian Footbentire union obtain be administrated by the referable attributpotent attributable-for-profit denomination Western Australian Footbentire Commission. The circumstance genesis order LUX obtain superintend the workman’s transactance in the WAFL Definite.

Until 2015 the protection order AAMI was single of the deep suretys of the WAFL and nowadays McDonald’s is the exoteric surety of the Western Australian Footbentire union.

Supporting the WAFL, McDonald’s obtain surety the workman’s transactance.

Artist’s Transactance Suretys:

LUX circumstance genesis order obtain superintend:

  1. Design of the circumstance, which includes marketing.
  2. Filming and editing
  3. Quality designer.

Technical genesis materials

  1. 3 huge led screens in the scenario (Left behalf, straight behalf and aftercited the workman).
  2. Equipment restraint instrument server.
  3. Operational and persuasive lighting classification.
  4. Probe genesis.
  5. Probe equipment.
  6. Microphones.
  7. Stage.
  8. Backquality (Marquee temple, tables, chairs, innocuous and electrical facilities)


Budget To be investigated

Stakeholders & Message strategy

External is to relish a obvious and unconcealed message with stakeholders throughextinguished the scheme condition cycle.

Message Intent

Six months consummateceding to the circumstance, the circumstance skill team obtain tell the mind, external and distribute the circumstance skill intent with explanation stakeholders. Direct feedend obtain be subjoin from explanation stakeholders through emails, phsingle calls and countenance to countenance engageings. If required, the scheme intent obtain be adjusted or amended to establish that antecedentity of stakeholders are acquiescent and the changes obtain be telld.

Three months consummateceding to the circumstance the promotional activities obtain be certain and inaugurate through liaising with the marketing suretys and advertising obtain be through radio announcements and races, and advertisements on gregarious instrument such as Countenancebook and Instagram.

Single month consummateceding to the circumstance, the scheme team obtain tell with explanation stakeholders on any consummatefer changes and how well-behaved-behaved-behaved the marketing antagonism is progressing.

Single week consummateceding to the circumstance, the scheme team obtain tell with the stakeholders the expected trappings computes and narration on the luck of the promotional activities.

Single week behindcited the circumstance, the scheme team obtain consummatepare the suretys with a narration on the circumstance and tell to entire stakeholders the overentire luck of the circumstance.


Scheme Skill Team

Jessica Mauboy

Sony Voice Australia

Dodeep Venue Handlers



Backquality Staff

Footbentire Players

Makeup Workman/Hair Dresser

Probe Engineer




Seven Network

KIX Country digital

107.3 HFM

91.3 SportsFM

720 ABC Perth

ABC Elevatedstand Digital

Fox FM

Kix Digital


Assumptions and Constraints

2010 WAFL Elevated Definite was the largest mob. The definite was betwixt Swan Districts and Claremont at Dodeep Stadium.

Honor Transactance

  • Jessica Mauboy 50K-80K


  • Sydney -Melbourne $439
  • Melbourne-Sydney $439
  • Qantas airline Flexible flights


  • Length of stay: 6 days (19th September 2017- 24th September 2017)
  • Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne: $760 (5 nights)


  • Budget approx.$1500 (6 days)


  • MA Protection Group
  • Budget: To be investigated.

Honor Endground

  • Second establish in Australian Idol
  • “I Am …World Excursion” Beyonce and Chris Brown “F.A.M.E” excursion brotherhood.
  • Ricky Martin instructor in The Voice programme
  • Ambassador restraint the Indigenous
  • Boxing resonance circumstance interpreted the Australian Anthem

Artists transactance songs:

  1. Pop a bottle (Fill me up) (Beginning)
  2. Burn
  3. Inescappotent (Youngboyz Mix)
  4. Running end ft Flo Rida (Final)







24,638 (largest trappings)







2010 WAFL Elevated Definite was the largest mob. The definite was betwixt Swan Districts and Claremont at Dodeep Stadium.

The aggregate calibre of Dodeep Stadium is 43500 spectators.

  • The definite obtain be with twain or either Swan Districts or Claremont
  • It is expected to overweight the largest trappings in 2010.Jessica Mauboy transactance in the elevated definite obtain be dsingle to consummate 35,000 spectators.
  • McDonald’s and Coca-Cola tickets suited in divergent stores obtain inducement WAFL elevated definite sales.
  • Preliminary practice of the voiceian howl obtain be practicpotent consummate trappings end.
  • Constraints;
  • Budget constraints.
  • Experience and apprehension.
  • Lack of apprehension abextinguished late WAFL gran definites.
  • Occasion restraint circumstance creation.

Senior Risks & Minimisation Strategies

Risk Register




Treatments Options/Mitigation Intent

Idiosyncratic binding restraint implementation

Overwhelmed mob

Personal Wear


Permanent volunteers and staff looking behindcited the spectators

Western Australian Footbentire Commission

Disturbance inbehalf and extinguishedbehalf the stadium

Personal Wear


Pre-event, during and post-circumstance police moderate

Western Australian Footbentire Commission

Honor unqualified to transact

Financial dropping and common credit dropping


Playend imputpotent to disease, transactance of another workman imputpotent to cancellation.

Circumstance table

Probe loseure

Damage to temper of trade brotherhood in arraign of the probe


Probe engineer behindcited and during the circumstance, probe bridle 2 days behindcited the circumstance, extra probe equipment.

Circumstance table

Electrical loseure

Damage to temper of trade brotherhood in arraign of the electricity


Electrical engineer behindcited and during the circumstance, Lights and electricity bridle 2 days behindcited the circumstance, extra electrical equipment.

Circumstance table

Message loseure

Damage to temper of trade brotherhood in arraign of the messages


Message staff behindcited and during the circumstance, message procedures and equipment bridle 2 days behindcited the circumstance, extra electrical equipment.

Circumstance table

Extreme sphere circumstances.

Personal wear and financial dropping


Forecast sphere examination consummateceding circumstance.

Circumstance table, Western Australian Footbentire Commission


Personal wear and financial dropping


Trained staff potent to handle incidents antecedently, during and behindcited the circumstance.

Consummate evacuation intent current by the similar authorities

Western Australian Footbentire Commission

Risk Skill

  • Circumstance description

WAFL Definite

Date: 23rd September 2017

Time: 2.30pm

Venue: Dodeep Stadium, Perth

Location; Perth, Western Australia

Running catalogue:

Colts pasterm kicks: 8.40am

Reserves: 11.20am

Act occasion: 2.00 pm

Definite union: 2.30pm

Issues Skill

Issues kindred to the circumstance are to be authorized and handle antecedently and at the occasion of the circumstance. Some of the senior issues that should be handled are as follows:

  • Issues kindred to suretys
  • Conflicts betwixt staff team
  • Mob moderate and protection
  • Barriers and concord mob moderate
  • Health and prophylactic issues
  • Medical and primitive aid
  • Restriction on tobacco and smoking during the circumstance
  • Conjunction skill
  • Skill of alcohol
  • Drug kindred issues

Kindred Schemes

The behindcited exception includes the sub schemes those are kindred to this circumstance in any habit.

  • The colts and shyness matches
  • The elevated prix definites


The deep mind of guidelines is to authenticate basic standards and measures restraint organizing an circumstance to as authorities such as synod, police exception, conjunction employment organizations and the stakeholders. Guidelines and standards is essential to as authorities and consummatepare a consistemple state-wide practice to circumstance.

Power Moderate

This exception of the narration obtain be single of the most expressive appearance. As this is the barely exception from where this can be periodical that how prolific the classification is going to be adapted. The re-examination on how the things are going on so remote, would be placid from divergent sources at divergent occasions throughextinguished the integral scheme. This obtain entireow the handlers and circumstance organizers on where they are infallible and where they want to spread on more efforts. Basically the power moderate is the error, testing and bridleing of the fruit that we are working on, where the first-rate moto is to bridle if colossus is referable attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent okay and then to establish the problems.(Jane Bennett)

A rare of the sources of these re-examinations can be: –

  • The spectators
  • The circumstance organizers
  • The volunteers
  • The honor himself
  • The error teams
  • The instrument
  • Online re-examinations (Facebook and other gregarious instruments)

Capturing the lessons Learnt

Did we engage the budget?

Relish we adhere to our catalogue?

Relish we had abundance occasion?

Actions and decisions consummateliminary during the monitoring and persuasive quality

Is money sufficient

Did circumstance traverse smoothly?

Abundance Marketing

Do we relish the straight team?

Handle Human Resources through KPIs (explanation transactance Indicator)

Scheme Activities and Milestones

Scheme activities and milestones can be disconnected into 5 consummatesentations

Presentation 1-Consummate circumstance acclamation and application

This consummatesentation includes entire the activities in intentning mode that enables an circumstance to be held in a secured and peculiar method.

  • Acclamation from the honor , suretys and applicable stakeholders with authorized contract
  • Developing a budget
    • The budget should be local, and include return occasion (sponsorship, ticket sales, donations anticipation.) as well-behaved-behaved-behaved expenses such as printings, permits, protection, speakers, influence anticipation and protection. Parallel with this we besides want to intent restraint the unlocked-ce budget to be on the securedr behalf.
  • Marketing antagonism
  • Pre-ticket sales
  • Procurement of essential equipment

Presentation 2- Load In

This consummatesentation includes entire the consummate circumstance tangible activities, set freey and reading of infrastructures and equipment essential restraint the circumstance.

  • Setting up a quality, probe classifications, lighting classifications anticipation.
  • Arrival of the honor

Presentation 3- Circumstance

This consummatesentation includes entire the appearances from when the mob starts queuing extinguishedbehalf restraint note until the decisive idiosyncratic leaves.

Presentation 4- Load Extinguished

This comprises the breakdown of facilities, clean-up , swarm up and evanition of the honor.

Presentation 5- Post circumstance narrationing

An circumstance narrationing should be carried extinguished with entire the applicable stakeholders. Behindcited the circumstance debrief there should be an evaluation of the circumstance to enumerate its overentire luck in provisions of minimizing risks and avoiding damage, accidents and disturbances.


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