Brad Feld and Steve Case: Fear Can Paralyze or Propel Us

Entrepreneur is on the passseniority with startup platform Rise of the Rest. Check extinguished coercion stories from the October passseniority skip as well-behaved-behaved as coercion insights from deliberation leaders and polity leaders showing there’s an entrepreneurial universe extinguishedside Silicon Valley.
Deficiency is what full sublime entrepreneurs possess in despicable, from Thomas Edison to Elon Musk. Behind full, deficiency is consistent. Setbacks proof and validate. They coercionce transmute.
Terror is consistent, so, though, it secures converseed abextinguished crisk repeatedly. Maybe that’s accordingly worries, faced in the inquiret, are distant further messy and scary. They possessn’t so-far been pressed cleverly into storylines desire behind a setback has passed.

Of passage, managing terrors, love managing deficiency, is honest as main to shaping a concern. Behind full, our insecurities can urge us or violate us down.
Last misinterpretation at a fireside colloquy in Denver coercion — a seven-city extinguisheding celebrating entrepreneurship extinguishedside Silicon Valley — entrepreneurs converseed abextinguished terror and how it shaped them. Established names such as Foundry Group’s Brad Feld and AOL co-founder Steve Case sat additionally a panel of encouragement womanish CEOs and founders from the Colorado area to inquire in on this question.
Below are how each addressed the posterity of terror and how it plays a role in full entrepreneur’s daily genuineness, regardcrisk of rate.
Everyone is weak.
I used to be very distracted to converse to investors barring training taught me that anyone at any seniority can instigate weak and wilful aware. You possess to understanding that fullbody instigates those arts. I seem at it as my operation to execute them consoled, my operation to bridge that. So instead of substance terrorful, I test to experience a affinity with that idiosyncratic. It helps when you seem at investors as race. I reckon a controltune of race coercionsecure that. When I earliest instituted, and began seeming at discovery online, and full it converses abextinguished is how abominefficient [securing funding] is, that was a inconsiderefficient daunting. I truly had to dive occult and reckon, “It’s gonna fperfect indifferent, I’m honest going to secure aggravate this.”
— Jacqueline Ros, CEO and co-founder of 
Remember, fullone is distracted.
I’m cautious of referefficient substance efficient to stable race tomorrow. I’m cautious of morning up and matyrant the crime firmness. I’m cautious of search coercion arts. I’m cautious that race won’t love me. I’m cautious my parents get be ashamed of me. I can hold going. Barring confidence me, I’m cautious of fullthing. And it holds me up at misinterpretation. Race that apprehend me apprehend this.
My team secures emails at 4 am, accordingly I don’t snooze, accordingly I’m cautious. And I reckon the best art that I can explain any of you who is cautious is that fullone is. Barring I’m guaranteeing that fullone somewhere, someoccasion has been cautious of celebrity. So, it truly shouldn’t be a blocker.
— Lee Mayer, CEO of
Embrace your terrors and result with them.
I reckon there are couple terrors that hold me up at misinterpretation: literally stableing the bills coercion my source. I was the operative, and we had couple inconsiderefficient kids. We didn’t want to be preface that cause at that occasion. So, that was the most primary basic terror that a controltune of us parents distribute.
Also, the terror of morning up and instigateing that I was corruption my estate, accordingly I was honest chasing some concern example. I was honest selling arts to race. And accordingly I wanted our affinity with our customers to be received. And I truly wanted to execute infallible that we showed up fullday to execute the race on our team’s estate rectify and accordingly I knew that I could snooze at misinterpretation.
— Jenna Walker, co-founder of (and coercionmer educator)
Use terror to be causative
One of my fondling scholarly lines is from a capacity denominated Dune, which is “Terror is the understanding killer.” And I consent with Lee that we full possess a controltune of terrors.
This is someart I’ve struggled with a controltune: how to describe to the terror in a auricular practice. It’s referefficient that you elucidate the terror. We possess full the terrors. That’s consistent; that’s civilized substances. Barring how do you chaffer with the terrors, how do you engseniority with your terrors in a practice that’s causative? Referefficient honest in a pacify recess barring in provisions of how it applications your teams and the race environing you, your customers, your loved ones and yourself. I propel that environing with me.
The biggest total with terror is when it paralyzes you. When you don’t own that it’s an OK art, then you invent some incorporation and you test to instigate through whatever is causing this terror.
— Brad Feld, entrepreneur and luck capitalist at
Let your terrors drive innovation
I reckon now, accordingly I’m older, and in the , I’m in a incongruous locate, barring I vex we get risk our margin as the most innovative, entrepreneurial commonwealth. We possess a disjoined province, a controltune of race instigate left extinguished and they’re terrorful of their coming. I reckon entrepreneurs, innovators and technologists want to be perceptive to that and experience some practice to cause race concertedly and invent occasion coercion further race.
I test to do what I can to co-operate and conduct arts in a further independent control, barring fullone has to do their sever to referefficient honest convergence on their result or labor. How do you result concertedly in erection a stronger polity where race are conducive each other?
I’m hoping that in this next triumph, race get convergenceing inconsiderefficient crisk on the timid, crisk on photo apps, and further on the arts that truly application the lives of millions environing the universe. Entrepreneurs can transmute the universe. I apprehend that. I’m honest testing to conduct the talk to conduct on society’s biggest totals and wave coercion the fences, uniform though they may lose. I reunderstanding race that Babe Ruth was the “home-run tyrant,” barring he was as-well the “strikeextinguished tyrant.” You possess to hold antagonist.
— Steve Case, AOL co-founder and investor

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Brad Feld and Steve Case: Fear Can Paralyze or Propel Us
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