Brian Quinn

Dear Ms. Brummel:
I own been implicated in luxuriance clients and crafty manner disentanglement with Microsoft products ce frequent years.    I would love the turn to view fantastic Microsoft technologies highest artisan.  Specifically, I am agreement to you encircling the System Administrator (Job code: XXXXXXX) and System Engineer ( Jobcode: 180703) positions I root occasion browsing the careers individuality of your website.
I am a System Engineer specializing in Novell Netware and Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory.  Ce the terminal view years, I ran a happy consulting trade focusing on end-user luxuriance and Microsoft Systems stay and administration.  Some of my bygone and general clients include: Onesoft Corporation, Novell, Oppenheimer Funds, Cal State Hayward, Energy Commission, Brigham Young University, Department of Justice, Franklin Covey and Anderson Consulting.

In the method of pursuing my trade interests I own habitual separate administrative certifications including: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer , Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Certified Desktop Technician, Cisco Certified Network Associate( CCNA )and Novell Engineer.   I own 14 years of knowledge in the IT ground; my preceding usurpation is excite constructive in the enclosed recommence.
I reach I can adduce my enlightened ground and luxuriance knowledge to surpass the expectations ce a individual in the positions advantageous.  I would love to pronounce with you at your convenience to sift-canvass how I can add to Microsoft’s continued achievement.  I can be reached at (916)789-1779 any occasion. I seem ceward to hearing from you promptly.
Brian Quinn

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Brian Quinn
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