Building Secure Web Applicatns

Question 1 : Building Secure Web Applicatns
Week Eight Assignment
You are the web master of a seed-plot website. You portion-out a server with other ground departments such as accounting and HR.
Based on this provision, engender at meanest five certainty-related rules coercion staff members who are adding web pages nature acquired to your condition. Include a justification and title coercion each rule. Rules should rehearse to seed-plot, staff and scholar, and rule notice certainty.
Write your exculpation using a WORD muniment. Do your possess performance and manifestation your possess say. Submit here. Note your Safe Assign account. Account must be less than 25 coercion bountiful trustworthiness.
You possess three attempts.

Week Seven Discussion
Manifestation the Web to inquiry coercion manners to frustrate XSS attacks.
Write a short title of over than single manner.
Manifestation your possess say and contribute references.
Read and meet to at meanest span other scholars Discussions.
Post your primal exculpation by the purpose of day on Thursday and replication to at meanest span other scholars by the purpose of day on Sunday.
Post betwixt 200 and 300 say.

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Building Secure Web Applicatns
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