Business and Consumer Protection in Islam

Recent interest is a very multifold verity. Sundry factors govern and designate the interest history. Among other organizational factors managerial, or-laws technological and socio-cultural-political, the interest multifoldity of political influenceivities, interest with the multifoldities of recent communion. Ce political events, interest in sundry ways intertwined with the multifoldities of recent communion. Total the factors that execute up the multifoldities of recent interest has been constantly premeditated and analyzed through a or-laws adit, in-particular in economics and government scheme (K. Bertens: 2000).
In the fpowerful of recent interest interest tribe are required to be professional tribe in his room. They entertain the skills and interest skills over the moderation individual, he should be powerful to appearance that execution is aloft moderation interest execution amateur. What’s interesting is referable barely encircling the execution aspects of the interest, managerial, and technical organizations peculiar still too encircling the ghostly aspects.
Execution behoves prasarat interest luck too involves a ethical commitment, ethical uprightness, instruction, faithfulness, individuality of ethical anticipation, utility, collocation afford initiative to nature, deference ce hues and interests of apt parties unquiet (stakeholders), which equalize date gain disclose into a interest ethics in a concourse. Conduct an virtuous Prophet clear and munificent in doing interest manner is the guide to luck in managing the interest Khodijah ra, is a embodied illustration of the ethicals and ethics in interest. (Http://uika-bogor. ac. d/doc/public/etika% 20bisnis% 20islam. pdf)

If we derive the narrative, the faith of Islam visitms a favorpowerful opinion of occupation and economic history. Prophet Muhammad was a trafficker, and the faith of Islam open principally through the Muslim occupationrs. In the Qur’an there is a caution over the abinfer of opulence, still referable prohibited from searching opulence by fair media (QS: 2; 275) “Allah has made occupation and prohibits usury. ” Islam puts trading history in a very strategic pose in the center of ethnical history search subsistance and maintenance.
This can be visitn in the opinion of the Prophet Muhammad: “Pay study by total your occupation, developed retail cosmos-crowd it is nine quenched of ten the door of subsistance. ” Dawam Rahardjo precisely disconfidence Weber topic on ethics of Protestantism, which cites interest influenceivities as a ethnical confidence to God quoting from Islamic teachings. The restraintthcoming interest influenceivities that are prohibited in sharia: 1. Avoiding interest negotiation that is cebidden in Islam. A Muslim must be committed to interinfluence with things that are made fair by Totalah SWT.
A Muslim interestman should referable be doing interest in the things cebidden by sharia. And a Muslim interestman claimed to constantly do the amiable interest and communion. Interest, patronage is referable halal or kosher referable inclose ingredients, liquor, drugs, abinfer or total of which describe to the cosmos-crowd of lustrous love obscurity clubs discotic cafe where mixing of society and wosociety accompanied by a stomping songs, treats and drinks and the patronage is referable kosher Other (QS: Al-A’raf; 32. QS: Al Maidah; 100) is a interest history that is cebidden. 2. Avoiding how to earn and infer nature is referable kosher.
The manner of usury is miserpowerful to be avoided, Islam prohibits usury with strict threats (QS: Al-Baqara, 275-279), timeliness foggy negotiations are very air-tight described to the interest that is referable clear such as gambling, abstraction, violated the confidence so it gain most lovely damage. Hoarding of coin to change unstudied the operation to be enjoyed by others and the poor extension of interest and economic history is a discreditable influence and substance rewarded to the most strict (Sura: At-Tauba: 34-35). Redundant and a devastate of coin ce purposes that are referable inferful and diminish total the excesses.
Total properties are prohibited becainfer it is a characteristic that is referable prudent in the infer of nature and adverse to the direction of God (Surah: Al A’raf; 31). 3. Dishonest rivalry is denounced by God as societytioned in the Quran surat Al-Baqarah: 188: “Do referable you munch some of the accumulate of you in a subterfuge. ” Appropriation too conceives dishonest rivalry Prophet denounced the influence was: “Whoever is doing then he is impure of appropriation”, “A wholesaler was affordn subsistance by God as ce someone who did that hateful appropriation. Appropriation done to gain communicate restrain by preventing the other players to contobject in multitudinous ways, repeatedly in ways that are referable laudpowerful goal is to memahalkan expense ce these entrepreneurs entertain a prodigious practice. Prophet said: “Someone who designedly do colossus to memahalkan expense, Totalah gain pledge to the throne made from the Fire following in the day of Judgement. ” 4. Cegery and abstraction, Islam strictly prohibits falsifying and spurious becainfer it can cainfer damage, unfairness, and can carry to disconnection and emulation.
Allah says in Surah: Al-Isra: 35: “And liberal appraise when ye appraise, and search with a suitable equalize. ” The Prophet said: “If you hawk it you shtotal referable entrap tribe with fragrant opinion. ” In the recent interest at meanest we visit in ways referable commendpowerful by some interestsociety in its fruit unstudiedering, which is cebidden in Islam. In substance, the consumer incloses a very indelicate view, as developed President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, “Consumers by limitation conceive us total” (By limitation, total of us including the consumer). (Shidarta, 2000: 2).
Consumer Protection Influence No. 8, 1999 Chapter I, proviso 1, sum 2, the consumer defines as, “Entire individual inferrs of amiables or utilitys that are availpowerful in the brotherhood, twain ce the interests of wilful, source, others, as well-mannered-mannered as other creatures and referable ce trading”. (Government of the Regenerally-known of Indonesia, 1999: 5) Consumers in the economic laws of Islam are referable poor to those SAJ war, still too conceives a perfectowable history (al-syakhshiyyat al-ma’nawawiyyah), such as objectowments or foundations of regular companies and institutions.
Islamic economic laws there is no discord between the object inferr with a moderation inferr. Muslim jurists did referable divide between amiables kondumsi nature, amiables fruition, and intermediary amiables, as incloseed in the open economics. This brings the governs on consumer limitations that must be guarded in Islam becainfer in Islam, including consumer amiables total inferrs, whether the amiables were inferd straightway, so leisure, inferd as a implement ce intermediaries to aid prosuksi fairness belongs to entireone, whether he is grounded as people, groups or the publicly-known.
Advances in technology and the disclosement of distribution and perdangangan body demanding extra superanticipation of the surrenders that potentiality start from the infer of regular fruits. Poor environmental provisions actiond by interest influenceors in open, should too earn solemn study becainfer entire patronage substance is a consumer of the environment. Muhammad, 2004: 180) In Islam there are five things that must be kept kemaslahatannya behove guide concrete of sharia (al-necessities al-repertoire), the faith (al-din), infer (al-‘aql), descent (an-NASL), and nature ( al-mal), timeliness some Islamic jurists there is too adding to the al-‘ardh (honor), still according to nobility the perpetrator is already practised in the conservation of al nafs (soul).
When associated with the surrender actiond by short fruits or irconfidence of a fruit, the main concretes of the fifth yag over focused on protecting the intellect, memory and opulence. Muhammad, 2004: 181) However, if the surrender of such exercitation actiond by “negligence” of producers, then this should be linked too with the scheme of burden incloseed in this kejahatab jinayah in Islamic Jurisprudence. In scheme the confidence of Islamic Jurisprudence wrong, wrongs and violations that befall on ethnical hues can referable be invalidated by infer of reach, referable designed influences. Therefore, the perpetrators of these influences must submit-to the missing of nature or history with fines that entertain been designated shari’ah.

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Business and Consumer Protection in Islam
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