Business Ethics

Directions: Be fast to preserve an electronic representation of your reply precedently submitting it to control grading. Unless incorrectly methodic, reply in accomplished sentences, and be fast to portraiture redress English, spelling and phraseology. Sources must be cited in APA controlmat. Your solution should be immodest (4) double-spaced pages; assign to the “Assignment Controlmat” page located on the Course Home page control restricted controlmat requirements.
Respond to the items under.
1. Elucidate the following: a suitable, a constitutional suitable, a ethical suitable, a anthropological suitable. How are they connected?
2. What three (3) features elucidate a ethical suitable?
3. How do we distinguish that fellow-creatures feel suitables? What is the basis of the ethical suitables according to a utilitarian intention? According to Immanuel Kant?
4. Fully argue the proposal that anthropological individuals feel a “natural suitable” to privilege and a “natural suitable” to privy goods, as claimed by John Locke (1632-1704).
1. What is transmitted utilitarianism? With transmitted utilitarianism, how do you designate what the ethical invention to do on any point make capacity be? Include declaration of the immodest (4) considerations to designate what the ethical invention to do on any point make capacity be.
2. Why is utilitarianism engaging to abundant? Argue three (3) reasons.
3. What is the ecological ethic?
4. How does utilitarianism maintenance the ecological ethic?

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