Each article gain be at meanest 10 liberal pages in tediousness barring no longer than 25 pages in tediousness (do not attributable attributable attributable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation compute or calculate the appellation page, the hypothecate page, the subscription page, the restraintmless, consultation of discontinuance or the bibliography.)
The restraintmat must be one sided; one spaced; left boundary of 1.5 inches and integral other boundarys of 1 inch on a flag 8.5 x 11 inch page; and correction the Arial 12 font.
You must refer twain a article vision and a mild vision using Micromild Word. The dependence must be allurement, rhetoric and poison checked and unexceptionably computeed and enjoined.
The article is desert a acme of 100 points and a acme of 100 points restraint the traditional delivery.  Article attributable end: antecedently the definite day of systematize.  
You are integralowed a acme of 30 minutes restraint each traditional delivery. No points restraint an traditional delivery gain be fond if not attributable attributable attributable attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation executed by the object of the definite day of systematize.  You may correction mismisalienate visual aids, such as video, slides, the over planor, PowerPoint, charts, written handouts, expectation. Provision of the indispensable hardware restraint such delivery is singly your commission.
The article and traditional delivery gain be a colprecipitation plan by a acme of 2 learners.  Each learner must involve a description of his/her possess subscription in enjoin to take merit restraint the team’s plan. The professor must encourage your cherished of the drift in remove. You may correction the sign-up sheets to withholding your cherished forthcoming acclamation by the professor.
Each team of 1 or 2 learners gain pick-out a divergent “C++” program in their mismisalienate engineering room restraint a evolution engineering use. The “C++” program must be at meanest 200 lines of codes. The avoid discretion is restraint the learners to transcribe a “C++” program that rerework-out a favoring drift in their room. The learners must gain the acclamation from the professor antecedently they can set-on-foot answerableness codes to rerework-out the drift.
In either discretions, the terminal article must accept the forthcoming elements in this enjoin:
1. Indicate(s), end, and conduct indicate/compute on the appellation page
2. Plagiarism Hypothecate page
3. Colprecipitation Subscription page
4. Restraintmless page (1 or 2 passage tabulation of the article)
5. Consultation of Discontinuance page
6. Sections a to e (listed underneath) which gain be computeed
7. Bibliography page
Only the forthcoming sections calculate in the page limits:  
a. Identify the collision: indicate, visible precipitation, and expectation.
b.  Description of the collision and scanty history
c.  Delivery of your evolution engineering solution: “C++” codes, outputs, pseudo  codes, and expectation.
d.  Recommendations restraint increase (if any)
e.   Conclusion

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