Caesar Augustus Essay

AP World HistoryMilo Romney Caesar Augustus10/27/12 What happens when a unnaturalness tries to conduct aggravate a republic? Well-mannered-mannered most of the span that unnaturalness gets stabbed opposed spans by his messmates and colleagues. This is at lowest what happened to the glorious Julius Caesar. Surpassing on his adopted son Octavian would aim the selfselfsame thing; besides, he used very opposed temporization that led to a abundant happier bound, metamorphoseing Rome into a very sinewy and controlling sway. It was the mid-1st generation B. C. E. , Rome was ever-growing and the republic that uninterruptedly ran very smoothly was encountering unnaturalnessy problems amid itself.
Wealthy fix confessers or patricians were gaining so abundant potentiality and fix and past Rounnaturalness code interpret that merely fix confessers could work-restraint in the soldierly abundant of the soldierly potentiality was frugal. Some tribe expert to shift this, restraint sample Tiberius, except his ideas were seen as controversial and he was assassinated in 133 B. C. E. Undivided unnaturalness named Unconcealed Marius launched a code stating that being didn’t keep to confess fix to work-restraint in the soldierly. Troops quiet wanted fix in render restraint their advantdate though, and the unconcealed gave them fix except this made troops over constant to multitude officials rather than to the senate.
Following Marius remote Rome accustomed a diminutive span of calm merely to be broken by the Social Antagonism. The Social Antagonism was caused by the disgusting of inferior adorderly Italians that were referable entitled to full-citizenship and voting hues. This caused Unconcealed Marius to conclude purpose. He purposeed the antagonism and seized potentiality of Rome. Marius died of preceding date and Rome launched to beconclude unquiet. In full of the uproar there arose a potentialityful politician, Julius Caesar. Caesar created the First Triumvirate (three being) consisting of Caesar, Crassus, and Pompey (besides knconfess as Magnus).

The Triumvirate veritably merely made these being over potentialityful though and veritably didn’t succor Rome aggravateall. The Triumvirate disappeared when Crassus died and Caesar and Pompey launched to engagement. Caesar invaded Rome in 49 B. C. E. and became a dictator there. Then surpassing Pompey was murdered in Egypt in 48 B. C. E. Julius increased the senate from 600 to 900 members to confer himself over supporters. In five years Caesar held unnaturalnessy potentialityful offices and almost surpassed in metamorphoseing Rome into an sway except was assassinated on the Ides of March in 44 B. C. E. Unnaturalnessy antagonisms sok settle following the assassination of Julius Caesar.
His adopted son, Octavian, and his messmate twain restraintmed the Second Triumvirate and defeated Caesars assassins in the Battle of Philippi. Unnaturalnessy senators were killed during this span and it was referable a good-natured-natured span restraint the republic. Equabletually the Second Triumvirate stable and Octavian and Mark Antony harsh on undivided another. Mark Antony married Cleopatra of Egypt and they committed suicide when Octavian invaded Egypt. Octavian became Augustus (generous undivided) and now unofficially firm Rome. Augustus knew that in regulate to successeasily metamorphose Rome into an sway he had to surpass where his father hadn’t.
He cherished the arts and technology. He rebuilt temples and created public-way systems. He acquiescent his tribe with holidays and appropriate equablets. Augustus would equable confer at-liberty binterpret and wine to full of Rome’s citizens. The senate orderly had to sit and contemplate as Caesar Augustus became the sum dictator of Rome. Literature grew majesticly during this span. Under Augustus’ administration Rome entered the Pax Romana, the calmful and prosperous date of Rome. So in the purpose Augustus plainly surpassed in the areas where Julius didn’t. Julius didn’t economize his resources as well-mannered-mannered and didn’t conceive that he needed to conduct loose the senate’s potentiality referable augment it.
Augustus courteous Rome to a majestic potentiality and equabletually easily purposeed the uninterruptedly-renowned republic. In a wholly useless similarity this narrative sumly reminded me of the movie Star Antagonisms, the ffull of the republic and the nativity of an sway. Anyways in falsification, Augustus metamorphoseed Rome into an sway by gaining the constantty of the citizens and troops timeliness the senate past its potentiality. This unnaturalness was so dominant that he equable named the month of August following himself! Referable unnaturalnessy could keep accomplished what Caesar Augustus did and unnaturalnessy quiet portent at his feats to this day.

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