PowerPoint Donation

The scheme donation should manifest acquaintance in the chosen area. The donation should be restraintmatted as follows:

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Authentication APA phraseology justly throughout the donation
Authentication improve rhetoric and punctuation
Format justly and consistently
Enclose a protect slide, initiative slide at the inauguration of the donation, a quittance slide at the object of the donation, and a regard slide using APA restraintmat at the object of the donation.
Number every slides inauguration with the protect slide as page 1
Utilize 10 regards from knowing commencements…do NOT authentication Wikipedia (undivided commencement can be the textbook)
Cite regards among the donation using improve APA restraintmat
Enclose a narrowness of 16 slides which accomplish enclose the protect and regard slides
Enclose at last undivided illustration or undivided board in the donation and restraintmat in APA phraseology
Highlight your acquaintance of technology by including transition and animation
The BEST PRACTICE PRESENTATION can be chosen from undivided of the subjoined questions:
• Business mode and IT outsourcing
• Collaboration tools
• E-commerce
• Enterprise systems
• Business rumor and large data
• Acquaintance superintendence
• IT security
• Scheme superintendence
• Disaster rectification planning
• Managing counsel systems
• Web-based inoculation systems
• Software testing and condition assurance
• Document and records superintendence systems
• Movable application and movable learning
• Other potential questions with zealot permission
Choose a question in which you are zealous and in which you keep restraintegoing acquaintance. Research best order practices restraint the point question. Authentication at last 10 regards from knowing commencements.

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