Case 35: Stock Repurchase Program Recommendation

Memo To:Rajat Singh, managing guide at Hudson Bancorp From: Era:08/01/2002 Re:Store Fulfil Program Approveation The end of this memo is to search whether Deluxe Corporation should extension hypothecateings to subsidizetail stores. After extensive separation of the company’s financial pose, we approve that Deluxe Corp. to hypothecate up to $1. 023 billion to subsidize tail 34,175 distributes. In appoint to finish this, Deluxe conciliate scarcity to inferior its association rating from A rating to BBB , which results in a diminish in WACC from 11. 47% to 9. 5%. By doing this, Deluxe ’s WACC is minimized, nevertheless the association rating is quiescent at cannonade –pace rating; plus, the fast conciliate keep a financial flexibility of $872 pet, and an extension in its equity treasure per distribute by $35. 34. This memo explains in specialty the restraintethought of the running WACC, the running immanent equity treasure, the unused liability tonnage at irrelative ratings, and the approveed WACC as polite as the considerd extension in equity treasure with honor to the novel WACC at the approveed liability hypothecateing flatten.
Running WACC Based on our restraintethought, the running WACC is 11. 47% as of August 01, 2002. In this restraintethought, restraint the hypothecateing rebuke, we interpretation 5. 70% deferenceing Deluxe’s association rebuke A from Exhibit 8. The ultimate duty rebuke is is contemplated to be 38%. We interpretation 5. 41% restraint the caauthentication easy rebuke of recompense with honor to the 20 years U. S Treasury association. The equity caauthentication recompense and beta are consecrated at 6% and . 85, honorively.
Gunseparated the preface of 2002, Deluxe had only integral of its hanker wholeity liability, we consider the completion liability by subjoining the short-totality liability and the hanker-totality liability ascriboperative among undisjoined year to attain at $151 pet; restraint the completion equity, we enrich the sum of distributes ungathered which is consecrated in the company’s 2001 Financial Summary, by the communicate adjusted bar expense per distribute which we observe up in yahoo finance to secure to $1,568 pet. Restraint the smintegral store caauthentication recompense, we interpretation 1. 73% as Deluxe’s completion equity is among $1. 05 billion and $1. 6 billion. Running immanent equity treasure

Deluxe’s immanent equity treasure as of August 1, 2002 using a discounted capital issue separation and the running WACC of 11. 47% has a recompense of $2. 38 balance the running communicate treasure. We consider the wholeityinal treasure augmentation rebuke to be at -2%; we construct this certainty by preface the medium of the industry’s annual disengage augmentation rebuke among 1% and 3%. The easy capital issues restraint 2002-2006 are charmed from the company’s Financial Restraintecast; and, to consider the wholeityinal year’s easy capital issues, we extend it by -2% and distribute it by the dissimilitude among the WACC and the hanker wholeity augmentation rebuke.
Gunseparated August 1st is our evaluation era, there is quiescent 5 months left restraint 2002, the capital issue to be running restraint 2002 is considerd by preface the completion capital issue times 5/12, and restraint the retaining years, the capital issue to be running is resembling to the completion capital issues. And, ultimately, restraint the midyear element ,we too accept corresponding self-preservation that t are 5 months left to hsenile-antique capital issues, and payments are made semiannually . Thus, our mid-year element restraint 2002 is 5 balance 24, and (5+6) balance 12 restraint 2003, and restraint the retaining years we subjoin 1 to the previous year’s midyear element.
Flexibility by rating Our separation of the flexibility in integralowed liability beneath each association rating granted us the consummation integralowoperative unused liability restraint each rating. We considerd this metaphor by regarding twain the profit coverage reference as polite as the leverage reference, and then using the insignificanter of the brace metaphors. We considerd the consummation integralowoperative liability using the leverage reference by enriching the five-year EBITDA medium times the required leverage reference beneath each merit rating. The inferior the merit rating the larger the integralowoperative liability becomes.
By choosing the inferior of the brace restraintethoughts, the consummation integralowoperative liability beneath merit rating AAA is 278. 9 pet and ranges up to 2,456. 6 pet restraint association rating B. In appoint to conduct an cannonade pace rating, Deluxe’s consummation integralowoperative liability would be 1,023. 5 pet. Approveed WACC In wary the WACC restraint each association rating, we altered distinct components restraint each. First, the hypothecateing rebuke extensions as the association rating diminishs. These metaphors were granted in Exhibit 8. Second, we refitted beta preface into wholeity the changes in the liability/equity capitalization composition using.
The re-levered beta was considerd using the levered and unlevered counsel. Third, as ratings disengaged their liability/equity reference extensiond and altered their weighted require of liability. Fourth, their equity/liability reference diminishd as their association rating disengaged. Our ultimate restraintethoughts of the WACC restraint each association rating went from 11. 47% at AAA down to 9. 95% at BBB and tail up to 11. 02% at a B rating. We approve using the liability flatten integralowed beneath the BBB rating gunseparated it conducts our foothsenile-antique as cannonade pace associations and too provides the lowest practicoperative WACC. Consider extension in equity treasure
To indicate the sum of distributes to be fulfild in the upcoming fulfil program, we interpretationd the consummation integralowoperative liability beneath the BBB association rating and subtracted our running liability to indicate the completion funds to be interpretationd to fulfil distributes. In appoint to indicate the sum of distributes that could be fulfild, we distributed the completion integralowoperative liability by the running communicate per distribute expense. This resulted in a approveed fulfil of 34,175 distributes. Next, we conducted a easy capital issue separation to indicate the immanent accomplishment treasure of Deluxe Corporation.
This separation is harmonious to the undisjoined conducted restraint the Running immanent equity treasure. However, we inferiored the WACC to exhibit our approveed merit rating. In estimating the completion extension in distributeholder treasure from this fulfil program, we took accomplishment treasure minus the consummation integralowoperative liability at the BBB rating. This gave us the equity treasure of Deluxe Corporation. Then, we distributed the equity treasure by the running ungathered distributes net of the fulfil program. This gave us equity per distribute treasure of $63. 24. In comparing this to the senile-antique equity per distribute treasure, we root an extension of 127%.
This is a greatly permissive stir restraint the distributeholders of Deluxe Corporation. Concluding Approveation We admire Deluxe Corporation should hypothecate funds in the total of $872 pet restraint the store fulfil program. By hypothecateing these funds, Deluxe Corporation conciliate be operative to extension their equity treasure per distribute by 127% opportunity quiescent conducting cannonade pace foothold. Deluxe is aiming restraint a pliant capitalization composition, and by hypothecateing more liability we admire they can finish this ascriboperative to the tall require of equity. If you keep any topic or sorrow, content handle easy to continuity us via emails:

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Case 35: Stock Repurchase Program Recommendation
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