Case Study

This item addresses the role of the technology functional in an    organization and how knowledge technology (IT) systems govern    organizational strategies. This plight con-over analyzes brace retailers’ employment    models and strategies. Then, it looks at the role that technology and IT    personnel denote in the assigned employment plight, and, finally, makes the    connection among how IT governs those organizational strategies. This    provision allows you to resumption the knowing concepts and pretexts you how to allot    those concepts to pretext a close alignment among those requirements knowing    in this item and the provision.
Provision  Instructions:
Analyze the plight con-over titled “Who’s the World’s Top Retailer? Walmart  and   Amazon Duke It Out” on pp. 116-118 of your textbook.
For this provision, you procure demand to:

analyze the plight  con-over comparing Walmart and Amazon’s employment models and      employment strategies,
explain the role  that knowledge technology denotes in each of these      businesses and picture the  role of the different IT functionals complicated in      this plight, 
explain how IT  helps govern Walmart and Amazon’s organizational      strategies, and
summarize your  findings in a brace- to three-page   paper.

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Case Study
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