CIS 502 Case Study Phase 1

Case Study: National Infrastructure Protection Project  View 1 ascribable in Week 3  On your primeval day as an Instruction Systems Security manager, you inspiration with the Chief Instruction Officer. During the contravention, he biblical to you his abstruse concerns environing the Infrastructure Protection Project. He asked you to peruse the Department of Homeland Security. (2009). National Infrastructure Protection Project. Retrieved from carefully and rendezvous over on provision 6: Ensuring an Effective, Efficient Program Over the Long Term.  Since he realizes that you are strange to this situation he asked you to surrender the latest project, memo and budget in 7 weeks (week 8) excluding he setup 3 checkpoints restraint you to surrender parts of the project to determine compatible speed of the surrenderables antecedently the great exhibition in week 8.  View 1: Memo – ascribable in week 3  In this view, you deficiency to beget 3-5 page functional memo environing your tribute of what deficiencys to be done to unite the standards installed on the National Infrastructure Protection Project. You deficiency to mould assured that the dialect in the memo is absolved of exempt of errors. You so deficiency to be imaginative in presenting this instruction to hold the most great points from the National Infrastructure Protection Project. You deficiency to evidence fastidious thinking to prioritize the possession items installed on your findings.

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CIS 502 Case Study Phase 1
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