CJ451 Part D & E


Part C.
Media Bias? (75-150 expression)
Former ABC Information President David Westin talks to CNN’s Piers Morgan encircling the set-forth of the media in this information abridge. Do you concur with him? How do his arguments parallel with the points made encircling the media in this week’s lection provision?

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CJ451 Part D & E
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Part D. (2 pages of written extract)
Hawala Rule
1. In a decipherable pamphlet:
o  a. Suppose you effect in the U.S. Treasury Department as an anti-terrorist funding skilful? What challenges would the Hawala rule bestow to you? What would you need to do in adjust to course the funds?
b. Make firm your discourse reflects themes in Chapters 3 through 4 of our extractbook (White, J. R. (2016). Terrorism and homeland carelessness, (9th ed.).Boston, MA:
 Cengage Learning.ISBN: 97813056337733
2. Your pamphlets must:
o  i. The leading page of your pamphlet accomplish be a cloak sheet right coercionmatted according to APA guidelines.
o  ii. The succor page accomplish grasp an Abstract.
o  iii. This pamphlet accomplish correction 1-inch margins, Eras New Roman 12-point font, and envelop spacing.
o  iv. The extracts coercion each article MUST be right coercionmatted according to APA guidelines. Do NOT correction an automated extract overseer to execute this capacity. Do it manually coercion this provision and repress your coercionmatting athwart available APA instrument.
o a. Excluding the cloak page and references, this pamphlet must be at last 2 pages of written extract.
o  b. Only COMPLETE passages consisting of an preparatory phrase, a generous description of guide points cherished with appropriately cited sources, and a ending phrase may be correctiond.
o  c. Only correction published articles from academic extracts, such as those set-up at gownsman.google.com (referable Wikipedia).
o  d. The complete pamphlet must be your pristine effect. It may referable grasp quotes and at no era should extract be copied and pasted.
This pamphlet DOES demand an preparatory passage, open thesis set-forthment, ending passage, and references pages

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CJ451 Part D & E
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