“Classics” Supplemental Articles List

The tenets listed under entertain integral been acknowledged as contributing in suggestive ways to our mind environing shift. We belong to them as “classics. ” Many entertain been cited dispersed in the reading and either divide the foundations of the theories and practices discussed in our sequence or develop them.
They are presented here in the prospects that students succeed entertain an cause in digging deeper in their lore control the definite scheme and/or that they succeed belong tail to them in their ongoing harvest as leaders. Integral entertain been searched in our EBSCO database and we embrace ISSN Numbers here control your readiness of reinstatement. We prospect they tend to your lore environing Shift Management and Leadership.

Beer, M. & Nohria, N. (May/June 2000). Cracking the Code of Shift. Harvard Business re-examination, 78(3), 133-141 ISSN 00178012
Christensen, C. Overdorf, M. (March/April 2000). Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Shift. Harvard Business Re-examination, 78 (2), 66-76. ISSN 00178012
Beer, M. Eisenstat, R. & Spector, B. (November/December 1990). Why Shift Programs Don’t Produce Shift. Harvard Business Re-examination, 68 (6), 158-166. ISSN 00178012
Mintzberg, H. (July/August 1987). Crafting Strategy. Harvard Business Re-examination, 65 (4), 66-75. ISSN 00178012
Collins, J. C. & Porras, J. I. (1996, September/October). Building your company’s anticipation. Harvard Business Re-examination, 74(5), 65-78. ISSN 00178012
Nadler, D. & Tushman, M. (August, 1987). Organizational Frame Bending: Principles control Managing Reorientation. Academy of Management Executive, 3 (3), 194-204. ISSN 08963789
Peiperl, M. & Baruch, Y. (Spring, 1997) Tail to Square Zero: The Post-Corporate Career Organizational Dynamics, 25 (4), 6-22. ISSN 00902616
Orlikowski, W. & Hufman, D. (Winter 1997) An Improvisational Model control Shift Management: the Case of Groupware Technologies. Sloan Management Re-examination, 38 (2), 11-21. ISSN 0019848X

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“Classics” Supplemental Articles List
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