Compare ‘Cousin Kate’ by Christina Rossetti with ‘the Seduction’ by Eileen Mcauley

‘Cousin Kate’ is a wrap ballade, memorialificance that it is heavily rhymed and consists of six stanzas of 8 lines. It was written by Christina Rossetti in the 1870s. The plan of the lay is that the attendant ‘cottage belle’ is introduced and describes herself as ‘Hardened by sun and air’ which enjoynesss that she is openly low-tabulate and that she efforts without. In the 1800’s, if you had a tan accordingly you would be agoing without, this would enjoyness that you were of the agoing tabulate. She then falls in passion with the ‘distant mistress’ controlthcoming he fix her extinguished and complimented her, ’Why did the distant mistress invent me extinguished and extol my flaxen hair? This name recounts you that he flirted and attractd her, and flaxen hair memorialificance open-haired. The direct stanza goes on to recite that the mistress then took her to his ‘palace home’ suggesting that he was costly and they had jocund sex, (‘His playunnaturalness and his passion’).
The name ‘So now I grumble, an dirty unnaturalness, who sway of been a dove’ recounts you that a dove is a memorial of virginity and that now she grumbles, an dirty unnaturalness suggests that the mistress took that abroad from her and she is now ‘unclean’.At this age in the lay, Cousin Kate comes is introduced is said to be prettier than the cottage belle, ‘O Lady Kate, my cousin Kate, You grew over open than I’. The mistress then adage Cousin Kate, and discarded the cottage belle ce her, ‘Chose you, and mould me by. ’ The mistress takes Cousin Kate to a prefertalented condition by his cause. The stanza controlthcoming that, the attendant (cottage belle) is grumbleing abextinguished how the barely deduce that the mistress contemplated to Cousin Kate is accordingly she was ‘cheerful and mere’ memorialificance that she didn’t permit him attrimpress her and she kept her virginity lower ‘lock and key’.The neighbours then circumvent Cousin Kate cheerful and mere save the cottage belle ‘an extinguishedmould unnaturalness’. This is accordingly you were frowned upon in the 19th senility if had sex antecedently nuptials.
The attendant besides mantions how she ‘sits and howls in carcass, you invest in gold and sing’ memorialificance how Cousin Kate had it meliorate impromptu than she did or as the lay recites, ‘You had the stronger wing. ’ In the controlthcoming stanza, the lay recites how the cottage belle’s passion was ‘true’ and Cousin Kate’s was ‘writ in sand’ suggesting that it was bogus.The attendant then goes on to recite, ‘He’d refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented entertain acquired me with his passion, nor bought me with his land; I would entertain spit into his countenance and refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented entertain enslaved his index. ’ Memorialificance that if she was Cousin Kate, she wouldn’t entertain past with the mistress save throw-by him. In the terminal stanza, it recites ‘Yet I’ve a grant you entertain refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented got, and look refertalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented enjoy to secure’ which recounts us that the attendant has someunnaturalness costly that unctuous Cousin Kate in incredible to secure, the costly grant that the attendant has is behind biblical in the stanza as ‘my open-haired son, my disgrace, my pride’.This affords the collision that is in concern save now she has her son, she is very blissful. In this lay, Rossetti is enhancement messages abextinguished passion in the 19th senility.

The lay affords an conception of how tender woman were and that if you had sex withextinguished of nuptials, it would alconcertedly desolation your proof. ‘The Seduction’ written my Eileen McAuley (1980’s) is written in the third individual. The lay starts impromptu controlthcoming a face, existing in the morning where a damsel is led to the ‘quiet bricks of the Birkenhead docks’ and is sat direct to a youngster by a large stream.This youngster is picturesque to be alconcertedly a unclean element of effort, ‘He spat in the large stream’, ‘She giggled, drenched and terse, and he muttered ‘little slag’’. The lay then recites how she inspiration this youngster at a face and ‘he danced with her perfect night’. He had told her abextinguished his conduct of footbperfect and ‘she had nodded, alconcertedly enchanted, and her eyes were distant and crystalline. ’ This name affords the collision that he is colloquying so abundant that she hasn’t been talented to colloquy.
Behind on in the lay it recites ‘She chattered on, and stared at the steep, the Mersey, inexperienced as a septic gall. Then, when he swiftly simulated to kiss her, his kiss was perfumed by Listerine. This enjoynesss that as shortly as she starts colloquying, it would answer that he kisses her to bar her up, giving an conception to how self-absorbed he is. The lay besides mantions how she was wearing ‘perfect haughty unspotted shoes’, this affords a memorial that unspotted is the colour of innocence and virginity and then behind in the lay where it recites, ‘On that day, she broke her heels’ which instrument that the lay is implying that she had drencheden sex with the youngster and the event that she ‘broke’ her heels instrument that she ‘broke’ her virginity.She discovers that ‘she was three months past and she sobbed in the timid, locked tenebrosity of her margin. She rips up perfect her ‘Mr Guy and her Jackie photo-comics until they were orderly crystalline brochure, enjoy confetti, strewn on the consideration. ’ This name implies that she is ripping up her conduct visions, the confetti impress supports the conception that she is besides ripping up her vision of a nuptials.
The definite stanza is suggesting that she reachs so surrendered by conduct that she is regarding suicide. Possibly starving herself and unsightly abroad. This lay has a very incongruous exit to ‘Cousin Kate’. ‘The Seduction has over of a ebon suicide pathos to it as ‘Cousin Kate’ is abundant happier as the attendant is blissful with her ‘precious grant’. Cousin Kate’ by Christina Rossetti and ‘The Seduction’ by Eileen McAuley, at original, looks as if they entertain incongruous aspects of passion save uniformly you scrutinize the couple lays, they answer to entertain a very common storyline. Ce exemplification, the womanish protagonists in twain lays waste in passion with a subject they judgment they could reliance, each of the man purpose up renouncing them, leaving the damsels procreant. ‘O cousin Kate, my passion was gentleman,’ enslaved from ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘she had nodded, alconcertedly enchanted, and her eyes were distant and crystalline.
As he brought her over drinks, so she waste in passion. ’ This name enslaved from ‘The Seduction’ suggests that the alcohol she is consuming is making her passion him over plus she is so enchanted by the conduct of his he is effective her, perfect of this mixes concertedly and she falls in passion with him. The couple names aloft recount you the common investuation of twain woman elapsing in passion. ‘He adage you at your father’s prelude, chose you, and mould me by,’ enslaved from ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘cheated by the word of it perfect’, ‘ce where, now, was he summer of her sixteenth year? enslaved from ‘The Seduction’ plus the event that the youngster is no longer mantioned in the lay and the name from ‘Cousin Kate’ afford you another deep commonity of twain lays. ‘My open-haired son, my disgrace, my pride’ from ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘when she discovered she was three months past’ from ‘The Seduction’ are twain names from each lay representing the terminal deep commonity from the lays, that twain woman are left procreant. These commonities enjoyness the event that man don’t entertain abundant obligation ce unplanned purpose and usually reach that they can orderly march abroad from it.There are alconcertedly a rare differences in the lays such as the age and mode of congruity and the apparent undivided entity that in ‘Cousin Kate’, the cottage belle passions her cadet save in ‘The Seduction’, the damsel looks to loathe herself and the baby and invents the scarcity to overthrow herself.
In the purpose, I consider that twain lays entertain very common extinguishedlooks on passion. Twain poets entertain graphic the consequences of unplanned pregnancy and it’s animated how the goods of pregnancy withextinguished of a kindred to you and people’s estimate on pregnancy entertainn’t newfangled abundant in the interval of 100 years.

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