Concept map and paper

Mid-term Assignment (Concept Map and Tract)
Understand how concept mapping can be rightd to succor burnish your conceiveing and despatches of your tract.
Concept mapping can be a conducive utensil restraint succoring you conceptualize your tract. This process is repeatedly rightd in discovery to succor scholars conceptualize discovery studies. Creating a concept map is conducive in succoring you conceive through the ocean ideas, concept and bodies of learning that are forcible your production and succor you frame these in a practice that is gelatinous, unclouded and compelling.
1- You specifically want to rendezvous on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Choose a “theme” (i.e. ERM in loftier teaching, manufacturing., awe.), and compel objecturing that entire your media tell to your disquisition.  
2- Each of you allure demonstrate the ocean ideas and concepts that are embedded in his/her tract.
3- Once you enjoy generated some concepts to production with, beseech yourself how these concepts are telld.
4- Create a concept map of the main concepts that underpin your tract and their concatenation to each other.
* Be intellectual don’t conceive encircling getting the proper concept map. Conceive encircling the tract you are despatches, the underlying discourse proposition, the evidence that you are making and how the concept embedded in your evidence is telld.
Once you enjoy created a visual resemblance of the concepts in your tract, you allure right it to rejoinder the subjoined questions (DON’T SIMPLY WRITE THE ANSWERS FOR THOSE QUESTIONS, those questions should succor you to transcribe the concept tract):
vWhat are the accessible concepts at the hardihood of your tract?
vHow do you conceive these concepts telld to each other and what is your foundation restraint these?
vWhat is the intercommunity between the concepts and ideas that you allure argue in your tract?
vWhat learning informs your tract and how does this learning connect / tell?
You want to build undivided page concept tract based on the concept map. This tract allure explain your concept map. 
 At the object of this assignment, you want simply to comply the visual resemblance of the concept map, and undivided page concept tract.

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Concept map and paper
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