Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation

The employment motivation theories can be broadly classified as full theories and course theories. The full theories are unself-possessed with fulfilling the scarcitys that nation accept and how scarcitys are prioritized. They are unself-possessed with types of incentives that solicit nation to grasp scarcity fulfillment. The Maslow hierarchy plea, Fredrick Herzberg’s brace factor plea and Alderfer’s ERG scarcitys plea droop in this class. Although such a full bearing has logic, is self-possessed to avow, and can be early renderd in test, the inquiry token sharp-ends extinguished limitations. There is very smperfect inquiry assistance control these copys’ presumptive basic and controleshadowability. The commerce extempore control frankness sacrifices gentleman avowing of the perplexity of employment motivation. On the enacted cause, smoothtually, the full copys accept attached gist to significant full factors that were amply ignored by anthropological relevancyists. In remark the Alderfer’s ERG scarcitys plea perfectows further flexibility and Herzberg’s brace-factor plea is serviceable as an exaspect control inferiortaking compensation and as a sharp-end of unlikelihood control inferiortaking artifice.

The course theories are unself-possessed with the apprehensive antecedents that go into motivation and with the restraintm they are kindred to undivided another. The theories attached by Vroom, Porter and Lawler, equity plea and attribution plea droop in this class. These theories yield a considerable soinferior exaspect of employment motivations. The trust copy of Vroom and the extensions and the refinements yieldd by Porter and Lawler aid illustrate the significant apprehensive inconstants and how they narrate to undivided another in the course of employment motivation. The Porter Lawler copy to-boot yields peculiar vigilance to the significant homogeneity betwixt impress and compensation. A growing inquiry study is slightly assistanceive of these trust copys, beside conceptual and methodological problems abide. Unrelish the full copys, these trust copys are relatively intricate and trying to render into explicit test. They accept to-boot failed to coalesce the goals of restrainteannouncement and control

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Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation
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Motivation Plea 1 – Adam’s Equity Plea of Employment Motivation

The plea illustrates that a superior input into inferiortaking impress and compensation is the grade of equity or inequity that nation distinguish in employment beleagueres. Adam depicts a peculiar course of how this motivation befalls.

Inequality befalls when a peculiar distinguishs that the harmony of his or her extinguishedcomes to inputs and the harmony of a applicable other’s extinguishedcomes to inputs are illmatched.

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Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation
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Our Extinguishedcomes < Other’s Extinguishedcomes = Inequity (under-rewarded)

Our Inputs Other’s Inputs

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Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation
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Our Extinguishedcomes = Other’s Extinguishedcomes = Equity

Our Inputs Other’s Inputs

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Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation
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Our Extinguishedcomes > Other’s Extinguishedcomes = Inequity (over-rewarded)

Our Inputs Other’s Inputs

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Content and Process Theories of Work Motivation
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Twain the inputs and the extinguishedputs of the peculiar and the other are installed upon the peculiar’s cognizances, which are monstrous by antiquity, sex, counsel, collective foothold, structureal aspect, qualifications, and how dense the peculiar employments, confluence. Extinguishedcomes stop chiefly of remunerates such as unswerving, foothold, encouragement, and inherent share in the inferiortaking. Equity sensitivity is the harmony installed upon the peculiar’s cognizance of what the peculiar is giving (inputs) and receiving (outcomes) versus the harmony of what the applicable is giving and receiving. This cognition may or may referable be the selfselfsimilar as someundivided else’s remark of the harmonys or the selfselfsimilar as the explicit beleaguere.

If the peculiar’s distinguishd harmony is referable resembling to the other’s, he or she conciliate endeavor to re-establish the harmony to equity. This striving to re-establish equity is correctiond as the exaspect of employment motivation. The ability of this motivation is in plain adaptation to the distinguishd inequity that exists.

Inquiry proposes that men-folks engantiquity in unspotless conducts to preserve equity in homogeneitys, either with their employing structure or with other nation (Greenberg, 1990).

The plea was posterior remote with the concept of “Organizational Uprightness”. Structureal uprightness reflects the spread to which nation distinguish that they are treated spotlessly at employment. It identified three contrariant components of uprightness: distributive (The distinguishd candor of how resources and remunerates are arranged), procedural (The distinguishd candor of the course and procedures correctiond to bring-about perfectocation resolutions) and interactional (The distinguishd candor of the resolution bring-aboutr’s conduct in the course of resolution-making). (Copanzano, Rupp, Mohler and Schminke, 2001).


Equity plea is illustrative and it reflects considerable of our unamazed test. As a plea smoothtually equity is solely favoring in anatomy and as a controleshadowor. There are numerous societal and institutional inconstants (inequalities) that we perfect range. The plea ignores nation’s smoothtual resilience, their competitiveness, selflessness and shortness, their immaterial dilemmas in resolution-making and their passions.

It does referable distantly illustrate interactions in terminate homogeneitys such as marriantiquity or “emotional labor” – where we may yield thrift to others at a dull absorb of feeble peculiaral weal and self-denial. Norms of equity and reciprocation are repeatedly discounted in terminate and fictitious friendships or where there are subterranean nobility bonds.

In the collective changes of occupation, causal, or restrainteigner homogeneitys, there may be further of a dominant truety that inputs are extemporeered with the confluence of a relish counterpart. There is further of a controlmal lessen of comprehensible and incomprehensible remunerate. A assurance unfulfilled, withextinguished special reciprocation incurs a obligation of eminence. A assurance is spiritless. In our class, obligations of mutual counterpart consequence-an-effect. We are expected to dedicate the Golden Rule and to aid where we can – an impress ably demonstrated by “the Parable of the Good Samaritan”.

Collective change plea affects harmonynal, conducive impression involving an expected unswerving-off. We do referable regularly impress harmonynally. Numerous conciliate referable be as mercenary as harmonynal impression may propose. Indeed our remunerate may be the secret interpretation of in-reference-to undividedself and living to undivided’s avow appreciates. Such altruism, albeit self-referential, does referable beleaguer capaciously inferior the truetys of the “rational, economic-person” copy.


It is essential to unswerving vigilance to what employees’ distinguish to be spotless and fair. Control example: In my troop, undivided of my colleagues was assigned to a purpose that required him to employment during unsoundness occupation hours constantly. He employmented three days at the extemporeice and brace days at residence in a week control a month and half. This caused others to rocorrection employmenting from residence during occupation hours.

Allow employees to accept a “voice” and an convenience to call-upon. Structureal changes, promoting coalition, confluence. can succeed easier with fair extinguishedcomes.

Management’s deficiency to close equity could be absorbly control the structure. Control example: Undivided of my technically team members was referable very seemly. He took double the term to full any yield employment when compared to the others. Superintendence failed to charm any impression; instead the others were attached further employment. Smoothtually, smooth the seemly employmenters took it self-possessed to re-establish equity causing purpose delays.

Motivation Plea 2 – Vroom’s Trust Plea of Motivation:

Trust plea yields a frameemployment control analyzing employment motivation, which is eminently serviceable. It yields a checklist of factors to be considered in any managerial beleaguere and it sharp-ends to the links betwixt the applicable factors and the plainion, which these factors keep to flourish in their interrelationships. (Tony J. Watson, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986).

Trust plea holds that nation are motivated to beaccept in restraintms that consequence craved combinations of expected extinguishedcomes. It can be correctiond to controleshadow motivation and conduct in any beleaguere in which a rare betwixt brace or further alternatives must be made. (Kreitner R. & Kinicki A., Mcgraw Hill, 7th Edition). Vroom gave the flourishing equation of Motivation:

Motivation (M) = Valence (V) x Trust (E)

Valence stands control the determination of an peculiar control a detail extinguishedcome. Thus, when an peculiar craves a detail extinguishedsucceed the appreciate of V is enacted. On the other laborer when the peculiar does referable crave a true extinguishedcome, the appreciate of V is denying.

The appreciate of trust ranges betwixt naught and undivided. When a true smootht conciliate definitely referable beffull the appreciate of E is naught. On the other laborer when the smootht is trusting to beffull the appreciate of E is undivided.

Since its initiatory conception, the trust plea copy has been genteel and spreaded numerous terms. The improve comprehend of perfect is the Porter-Lawler copy. Although customary attainment argues that compensation guides to impress, Porter and Lawler argued the derangement. If remunerates are distant, exalted rolls of impress may guide to compensation. In remark to the features interposed in the initiatory trust copy, the Porter-Lawler copy includes abilities, traits, and role cognizances.


Vroom’s plea does referable plainly conduce to the techniques of motivating nation. It is of appreciate in avowing structureal conduct. It clarifies the relevancy betwixt men-folks and the structureal goals. The copy is artificeed to aid superintendence avow and irritate employee motivation and fulfill some to the applicable inconstants. Smoothtually, the plea droops narrow of providing peculiar solutions to the motivational problems.

The plea to-boot does referable charm into representation the peculiar differences installed on peculiar cognizances nor does it affect that most nation accept the selfselfsimilar hierarchy of scarcitys. It treats as a inconstant to be investigated exact what it is that detail employees are seeking in their employment. Thus the plea indicates solely the pictureless determinants of motivation and how they are kindred.

Inquiry studies accept confirmed that the contortment of twain kinds of expectancies and valences with trial and impress. The motivated conduct of nation arises from their valuing expected remunerates, civilized trial conciliate guide to impress, and that impress conciliate effect in craved remunerates.

The trust plea illustrates motivation in the U.S. improve than elsewhere and consequently may referable be seemly control other regions.


This plea can be correctiond by the managers to:

  • Determine the elementary extinguishedsucceed each employee wants.
  • Decide what rolls and kinds of impress are scarcityed to coalesce structureal goals.
  • Bring-about trusting the craved rolls of impress are potential.
  • Link craved extinguishedcomes and craved impress.
  • Irritate the beleaguere control adverse confluences.
  • Bring-about trusting the remunerates are capacious sufficient.
  • Bring-about trusting the aggravateperfect classification is fair control perfectone.

Motivation Plea 3 – Maslow’s Plea of Hierarchy of Scarcity:

Maslow judged that among perfect peculiar, there exists a hierarchy of five scarcitys and that each roll of scarcity must be acquiescent anteriorly an peculiar pursues the direct exalteder roll of scarcity (Maslow, 1943). As an peculiar progresses through the several rolls of scarcitys, the procedure scarcitys vague their motivational appreciate.

The basic anthropological scarcitys placed by Maslow in an ascending command of significance can be summarized and shavow as below:

  • The crave to besucceed what undivided is choice of proper.
  • These are the scarcitys to be held in prize twain by undividedself and by others.
  • These are the scarcitys to suit and to be unmistakable by several groups.
  • These are the scarcitys to be generous of corporeal insecurity. The insurance scarcitys behold to the advenient.
  • These are the basic scarcitys control sustaining anthropological history itself, such as stationarytress, steep, irascibility, cover, and slumber.

Maslow in his posterior employment (Maslow, 1954) said:

  1. Reward of the self-actualization scarcity causes an extension in its significance rather than a reduce.
  2. Hanker injury of a attached scarcity, effects in fixation control that scarcity.
  3. Conspicuous scarcitys may issue referable behind reward, beside rather by hanker injury, repudiation or reservation of inferior scarcitys.
  4. Anthropological conduct is multi-determined and multi-motivated.


Part of the call-upon of Maslow’s plea is that it yields twain a plea of anthropological motives by classifying basic anthropological scarcitys in a hierarchy and the plea of anthropological motivation that narrates these scarcitys to open conduct. Maslow’s superior gift lies in the hierarchical concept. He was the chief to avow that a scarcity unintermittently acquiescent is a elapsed controlce and ceases to be a motivator.

Maslow’s scarcity hierarchy gives a mystery in as considerable as occasion the plea is widely unmistakable, there is a smperfect inquiry token serviceable to assistance the plea.

It is said that bygone-by structuring scarcitys in a true shape Maslow does referable yield indurated direction to the managers as to how they should motivate their employees.


The scarcity hierarchy as postulated by Maslow does referable answer in test. It is relishly that aggravate fulfillment of anyone’s detail scarcity may effect in fixation control the scarcity. In that condition smooth when a detail scarcity is acquiescent a peculiar may stationary engantiquity in the fulfillment of the selfselfsimilar scarcity. Furthermore, in a typical anthropological nature, perfect the scarcitys are referable regularly acquiescent completely. There abides an unacquiescent recess of perfect scarcity in malice of which the peculiar seeks fulfillment of the exalteder scarcity.

A peculiar may change on to the direct scarcity in malice of the inferior scarcity nature unfulfilled or nature in-part fulfilled.


No unmarried motivation plea can be-enough in today’s employmentplace. Each motivational plea has its pros and cons. A plea may secure the exaltedest impress from an employee beside may referable from another employee.

The structure’s employmentplace has transitional dramatically in the bygone-by decade. Companies are twain downsizing and expanding (repeatedly at the selfselfsimilar term, in contrariant divisions or rolls of the hierarchy). Employment is nature extinguished-sourced to several regions and countries. The employmentfibre is characterized by extensiond difference with exaltedly opposed scarcitys and demands. Information technology has constantly transitional twain the form and dregs of employment impressivities. Novel structureal controlms (such as e-commerce) are now beggarly. Teams are redefining the referableion of hierarchy, as courteous as transmitted effectiveness distributions. The correction of succor employmenters is on the ascend and globalization and the challenges of managing despite borders are now the norm. These changes accept had a abysmal rule on how companies undertake to allure, restrain, and motivate their employees.

Yet we bankruptcy novel copys choice of considerable managers in this novel time of employment. As superintendence student Peter Cappelli referablees, “Most observers of the oppidan globe judge that the transmitted homogeneity betwixt mistress and employee is bygone, beside there is smperfect avowing of why it ended and smooth less abextinguished what is replacing that homogeneity” (Cappelli, 1999). I judge that the solid employment motivation and inferiortaking impress theories are indistant to produce to the give time of such diverse employmentforce. Novel theories of motivation are required to conterminous with this novel time.


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