Data Analysis

The CDC is proposing to course exoteric vigor professionals nationally on comely Influenza A stoppage strategies targeting detail high-risk groups in the aver. In appoint to provide ce proximate year’s flu opportunity, the CDC wants to substantiate the locations where feasible magnitude vaccination clinics want to be be up.
You are the crisis of a nine-member exoteric vigor committee at the aver exoteric vigor division. You want to offer the planed axioms separation plan to the exoteric vigor division chair. Your planed axioms separation plan should enclose the following:

A guile ce the lore plan.
A specimen, methods, and axioms separation management that you would right ce this con-over.
Specifics of your lore.
Updated estimates on the compute of influenza cases and allied hospitalizations and deaths in your aver in the prior years.
An separation of axioms by geographical area.
An separation of axioms by demographics.
Key flu indicators and their predominance in your aver.
Recommendations on the locations of advenient clinics.

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Data Analysis
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