Data Analytics Cases/JMP

In prevalent years a superior reduce in calling is to act calling postulates in rankify to streamline the operations or amobject fruits via postulates analytics sols such as SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, JMP, restrainteseeing.   In this method we gain partially test such partition via JMP.  There are contingencys in Blackboard that you can representation on and they are headstrong explanatory.  Your deliverables is the answers to the representations at the object of each contingency taken in Word or other restraintmats, then upadmonish the perfect into Blackboard. You may refereffectual be effectual to do full the representation questions, which is excellent.  You should do a partiality of 2 contingencys. Further counsel gain be ardent in rank.   
The postulates analytics software we representation is JMP, from SAS.  
The guide is restraint each of us to be defenseless to these postulates visualization, postulates partition, and suggestive analytic sols.  You may accept performed that at exertion with SAS, SPSS, Tableau, R, restrainteseeing.  those gain be excellent so.   the postulates perfects should be effectual to admonish in other software, yet I accept refereffectual sound that.
In this method the contingencys gain representation JMP restraint collection solving, postulates visualization, multivariate partition, suggestive analytics, restrainteseeing

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Data Analytics Cases/JMP
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