Dead Man Walking Summary

A DEAD MAN WALKING Matthew Poncesuffer is sentenced to departure control the negativeingcher of Walter Delacroix and Hope Percy. He has been closely thriveed by Sister Helen Prejean who is strongly opposite chief punishment, and today, we are to thrive him control his latest day. 15:00: He meets his source control the latest season, and he confabulations with them affect molehill has incessantly happened. They laugh concomitantly and confabulation environing incessantlyyday things, negativeing they are as-well looking tail on the spent. It’s humbling to view a romance who attain be heavy in a scant hours confabulationing with his source outside showing signs of imbitter. “Some persons are exploration environing your funeral … nd I attain true hot and I judge, He’s referable heavy however,” he’s dowager judges. The arrive-ating dampens, and you can arrive-at the triviality in the extent. The solely gauge left to furnish-ear is the squeaking from Troy’s shoes. Its 18:45 and the prison guards publish Matthew’s source to liberty. They furnish him he’s goods which he publishs him source to captivate, negative control his boots – he wants’ to sink with them. It is hours anteriorly he is going to be killed, and he eats his latest maceration affect it didn’t substance. “I’ve nincessantly had shrimps anteriorly,” he judges, shoveling them down. Moments anteriorly his departure, he finally shows how he regrets, control the original season.

THE LAST WORDS He is control to the project lodging by separate police guards. “Heavy romance steping! ” individual of them judges. They wouldn’t suffer him excavate his boots, and it was plainly humiliating control him to avow to step to his avow departure in that method. They fasten him to the chair, and introduce the needle. He publishs the parents of his victims that he regrets what he has executed. He asks control controlgiveness. They observe him with a indifferent and quiescent countenance, showing no reactions to his language. And finally, the latest language: “I harmonious wanna judge I deem killin’ is crime, no substance who does it, whether it’s me or y’all or your synod. ”

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Dead Man Walking Summary
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