Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines

Maderazo, Shelah Abigail S. A42 ORT: Pernicious Notes of Teenepoch in the Philippines Teenepoch pregnancy is undivided of the superior wholes in the sanityy universe. Like in other countries, Philippines as-well tolerate this skin of whole. According to examine, teenagers from 15-24 years long-standing are tolerateing teenepoch pregnancy. Here in the Philippines, 16. 5 favorite teenagers tolerate unwanted pregnancy. Accordingly of this whole according to statistics, total year at last 64,000 teenagers enjoy pucks accordingly of the unwanted pregnancy that they are experiencing.
As-well according to Statistics, 20 to 25% of mothers are in their teenepoch years. There are so abundant contents why teenagers are tolerateing from advenient pregnancy. Undivided of them is premarital sex. Premarital sex is an commerce unformed pubescent couples or largely sex anteriorly wedding. Secondly, is the note of magnitude resources in the lives of the forthcoming-person. Total day they are bombarded with premarital sex through television, movies, billboards with unqualified models, immodest magazines, etc. Thirdly, is wickedness concept of “love”. Ce them benevolence is the deep dishonorable ce intercommunity.
This is the deduce why abundant teenagers do this to profession and test their benevolence to their mates. Girls are more unnatural with this usepoch accordingly they advance and influence according to their passion. Abundant seasons, girls do this extinguished of hurry of their boyfriends to profession and test their benevolence to them. Another content according to studies is comrade hurry. Friends are very considerable to teenagers. They esteem affection so abundant. They bankruptcy to adapt in to their clump of friends. Teenagers tolerate on wickedness concept of virginity. You are not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable in if you enjoy no experiment on sex.

Virginity ce them is invention of the departed. Another content is bankruptcy of sex direction from parents, from the church and the nurture. This is the conclusion of our imagineing from the departed that sex is diminutive and iniquityful. Lastly is oddity. Accordingly they are searching, they achieve concerned in it withextinguished their parents agree and casually transfer to multiple sex experiment. There are abundant pernicious notes of premarital sex in the lives of teenagers Undivided of them is that teenagers conquer not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable end their studies. Instead of synchronous nurtures, they are industrious prelude preservation of their babies.
Secondly, pubescent experiment of pregnancy is imperilled ce their sanity. Pubescent pregnancy conquer transfer to abundant malady and complications unformed women. Pubescent women that aborted the baby, according to studies are very disadvantageous to our collectiveness. Once you experiment puck, there are chances that you conquer enjoy a distressing season on your pregnancy. The hlong-standing of the baby in your womb conquer be imbecile this can deflect to miscarriage. The pound note of premarital sex is you command achieve disadvantageous and noxious diseases such as AIDS and HIV bane that besides transfer to advenient ephemerality.
Thirdly, abundant lives and families tolerate accordingly teenagers who became generative at pubescent epoch usually bankruptcy of experiment on how to instruct their admit nobility. Later, what they did, conquer as-well do of their upshot. This is the deep deduce why there are so abundant reclaimed and dysfunctional families of today. Lastly and the pound of complete, teen pregnancy conquer transfer to puck. I affirm, it is the pound note, accordingly puck is killing lives. Undivided favorite plight nowadays that we constantly visit and attend in the information is abextinguished fetuses are left in churches, in the street, in the garbepoch and recently in airplane.
Teenagers assign puck, accordingly, they are ashamed what other community conquer imagine of them. Abundant seasons, they are anxious to their parents. Visiting complete the pernicious notes of teen pregnancy, teenagers should decamp from this influence. Teenagers should and must fly premarital sex. Teenagers should imagine primitive of their advenient and the note they conquer countenance when they conquer favor with it. Our synod should apparatus this impressible children with abundant planning and studying. They should imagine of ways to checkmate teenepoch pregnancy and equal puck.
I do consider sex direction should be intervening in the nurture curriculum to enlighten students abextinguished premarital sex, teenepoch pregnancy and its notes. To determine, teen pregnancy usually remains the lives of abundant teenagers. Most of them behove culprit, confound to crimes, killing, behove liabilities to communion, and casually transfer to advenient ephemerality. We perceive that chiefly the end- conclusion of teenepoch pregnancy is puck. Puck is iniquityful and illicit here in the Philippines. Iniquityce we a Christian dominion, assignting premarital sex is assignting ephemeral iniquity.

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Detrimental Effects of Teenage in the Philippines
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