Digby Annual Report

[pic] C55847 – Digby Annual Report By Yan Lang, Ching-Hsiang Lin, Shu Ou-Yang, Nuo Xu Distributeholder Letter To Our Distributeholder, Customers, and Employees: The elapsed view years entertain remarkpotent an uncommon smooth of educement control Digby Electric Sensors and its distributeholders. In the elapsed view years, the audience was potent to revolve its supplys from $34. 25 per disimpost into $45. 77, plus issuing a sum of $10 dividends per disimpost ahanker the habit. Opportunity this smooth of accomplishment is very casually rivaled by any coercionm of considerationing, our audience is most self-conscious of the sustainpotent amid the environment and holds educement rate in the electric sensor perseverance.
View years since, our treatment team touted the concern of the subjoined foul-mouthed coercioncible principles that helped to convey-environing Digby’s good-fortune today: 1. Require pioneership: By conveying strive and unprepared esthetic requires dpossess years afront of the race, our audience has potent to like the predominant trade worth and generating expandth returns. 2. Sunk worth employments: By insertion fetid actions advenient to convey dpossess the requires of evolution, our audience has been potent to quenchedput the coercionemost nature direction of electric sensors and exhibit sunk vending worth in the perseverance. 3.
Fetid tradeing: Fetid spending in tradeing total year has helped the audience to compel customer awareness in provision control cosmical sunker per individual evolution requires. This instantly helped Digby to sales in noble volumes. 4. Consideration variegated employments: In each section, our audience observes unmanagetalented to grace the employment pioneer. We gone-by heavily in TQM in prescribe to lessen R&D cycle too expandth trade ask-for. The smooth of rerevolve on considerationings our audience has been potent to utter by subjoined the foul-mouthed listed principles is referable merely a impost to our elapsed good-fortune, barring too serves as a origin of optimism control Digby’s advenient.

In the subjoined pages you accomplish furnish gone-by inferential instruction on the direct collocationing our audience holds in the perseverance as courteous-behaved-behaved as adjustments to be made to raise expandth distributeholder appraise. Best Regards, Digby Corp. Corporation Profile: Overperfect environing the audience Lang, Yan- Chief Executive Office and Chief Operations Officer ordinary Digby, Inc. on January 22nd, 2013. The audience’s headquarters are located in discollocation Arlington, TX. Digby, Corp. is currently undivided of the superfluous makers of noble nature sensor chips in the Individualed States.
Yan founded the audience on the controlestate that it would good-fortunefully consequence and vend sensors of coercionemost nature and reliability to different sections of consumers with perfect coercionm of wants, such as those control fantasticness and affordability, and would hold to assign a hardy standpoint on exploration and novelty to constantly contribute to these changing wants and detain a massive esort of trade disimpost in the expanding trade. Digby’s employment direction includes Daze, Dell, Dixie, Dot and Dune, which are sold online, as courteous-behaved-behaved as through national technology retailers nationwide.
Digby has supposing nature employments control frequent good-fortuneful applications and has helped frequent companies total their design objectives with the coercionemost standards of nature and reliability. Our Mission & Vision “At Digby, Corp. , we are absorbed to providing optimal sensors control our customer’s wants and omissions. Our coercioncible objectives are customer amends and normal proficiency. Our overperfect goal is to suitably strive to utter the coercionemost nature employments and technology and exhibit competitive pricing in each and total target section of reasonrs. Culture “We omission employees to be self-conscious of the employment they do, and to retain that they are bisect of Digby, Corp. perpetrateted to providing palliable practice and rare employments to the general,” Core Appraises Integrity — Build mutual confidence through holy and binding thoughts, suffrage, and actions. Teamemployment — Collaborate, disimpost instruction openly, leverage our difference, be translucent. Speak up, controvert, and secede, barring flow, perpetrate to the judgment, and convey-environing it a good-fortune. Winning Mindfirm — Be decisive, harmonizeable, and competitive.
Utter results to fix the good-fortune of Altera and our customers. Accountability — Define, possess, and repartee to your area of function. Novelty — Think controlward, procure harmonizeed risks, be agents of alter, harmonize instantly. Create a culture environment where we educe our skills and endue in our employees. Executive Pioneer [pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Strategies: Digby, Corp. procures haughtiness as a unreserved require pioneership and unreserved differentiation strategies to educe competitive practices in the sensor perseverance.
In the elapsed view years, Digby sensors were purposed to match a deviate firm-in-enjoin of preferences, such as those control a infamy fantastic employment, knpossess as the Traditional section; a bribe worthd employment that exhibits twain noble accomplishment and desirpotent bulk, knpossess as the Noble End section; an uncommon performing employment, knpossess as the Noble Accomplishment section; a smaller bulkd employment, knpossess as Bulk section; and finally, a sunker worthd employment, which is referred to as the Sunk End section.
However, unintermittently the audience executives began to own which stood quenched amongst the pareason as the most remediable control increasing revenues and surrendering utmost pauseores, Digby’s overperfect policy was shifted to emphabulk merely on the Traditional, Accomplishment, and Sunk End sections and in neat tangible employments in these categories opportunity too creating fantastic. In the controlemost five years, we endue chivalrous esort in TQM in prescribe to lessen esthetic, strive and administrative requires, abridge the prolixity of date required control R&D designs to total and expandth ask-ce control the employment direction enpotent control us to convey-environing gone-by returns in insufficient message.
Further, we believes that discreet reason of resources and increasing power are clew in architecture hanker message good-fortune and that pinpointing the most able quenchedlets control accessing target consumers and utilizing a liberal tradeing and promotional budget are imported control creating and detaining awareness of Digby, Corp. and its employments. Financial Noblelights: (In Thousands of Dollars, save Per Disimpost Data) | | | |Revenue | |Net Cash Fsunk | |Operating Activities | |Closing Financial Collocation | |Sum Equity | |Per Common Disimpost | |Trade Appraise | |Financial Ratios | |% ROS |13. | |Require pioneership policy |Sunk trade disimpost | |Consideration variegated employments |Less difference | |Hardy infamy equity |Sunk customer awareness and accessibility | |Hardy financial collocation |Noble supply worth | |Competitive remuneration and promatch sharing | | |Loyalty customers | | |Opportunities |Threats | |Emerging trades and exposition aunreserved |Severe race | |Novelty |Cheaper technology | |Employment and practices exposition |Contraction in ask-ce from economic retirement | |Growth customer amends scores |Inferior require competitors or imports. |Fetid spending in notice. |Maturing categories, employments, or practices | Risk& Vicissitude: Digby faces the vicissitude and risks of the competitive trade in the sensor perseverance and the contraction in ask-ce from economic retirement, the apex treatment team stationary absorbed to expandth the trade disimpost and the supply worth in the sensor perseverance. These results emphabulk the role of vicissitude as a determinant of considerationing spending, and propose that policies that lessen incongruity may sunker the required require of principal. By using SWOT decomposition, our treatment team figures quenched that supplement appraise to our employments and cheaper our employment’s languor.
Digby using the require pioneership policy to incline the target customers and too tries to cheaper the strive and unprepared esthetic requires, not-absolute to that of competitors. Although require pioneership implies custody requires as sunk as immanent, our employments and practices stationary entertain qualities and features that customer furnish satisfactory. On the other workman, our audience observes unmanagetalented to grace the employment pioneer in each section, we gone-by heavily considerationing in the TQM in prescribe to lessen R&D cycle too expandth trade ask-for. Advenient of the audience: Digby is a audience has lots of expanding immanent and essence. In the elapsed view years, we entertain regular firm a hardy basis control our audience’s advenient expands. We accomplish observe spreading its make plants and standpointing on consideration variegated employments that confront customers’ want.
With the “AAA” considerationing rating, we accomplish endue heavily with sunk intepareason liquidations in R&D and TQM departments, so we would observe its sunk require practice amid the perseverance. In the proximate five years, our targeted trade disimpost is 25%, and our targeted supply worth is $65 with an overperfect $15 per disimpost dividend liquidation. In the adjacent advenient, we accomplish set-out to reason our best trial to educe, to spread, and to expand. And then, we accomplish grace the perseverance pioneer and like the returns that we made. ———————– Lang, Yan Founder Chief Executive Officer Chief Operations Officer Lin, Ching-Hsiang Vice President of Tradeing and Sales Shu, Ou-yang Chief Financial Officer Xu, Nuo Vice President of Human Resources

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