This week we argue assurance and the Office of Personnel Management’s arbitrate is explicitly picturesque in a event consider that is offered up in your readings. After reviewing the slides this week, invent a novel season (no further than 12 months  Dark Reading is a very cheerful commencement online) addressing a violation among a union or legislation production.  Your argueion should address the forthcoming in the forthcoming disjoined, illiberal, paragraphs:
1.  Summarize the violation:  What was stolen/compromised?  When did the violation take-place?  How did it take-place? Research and invent quenched if there were any financial penalties assessed as a development of the violation.
2.   Argue the vulnerabilities that were offer in either a bankruptcy of technical controls or processes.  
3.   Strategic Planning: Assume you were an advisor or dignitary at the fortification or production. What could bear been manufactured from a strategic planning perspective to bear unworthy the liklihood or contact of this violation?
Be undeniable to include a conjoin to the season and reply correctly to couple other learners.

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