1. Identify at last span organizational decision-making strategies that you would graft if you were asked for recognition in decent the functioning of undivided federal, undivided narrate, and undivided persomal legislation division or influence. 
2. Summarize the relative missions of the three divisions or agencies separated. 
3. Articulate why you value that the span organizational decision-making strategies separated once implemented would demonstrate to the unconcealed notorious how polite these three organizations are functioning in discussion their relative missions. 

While obedient these questions, students should besides seize into sayment decision-making strategies that appear in special organizations (occupation companies, dispose-of shops, hotels, restaurants, anticipation.) in provisions of discussion desired outcomes/results. Students may prime a federal division or influence via the Library of Congress at http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/fedgov.html, a Narrate of Georgia division or influence via Georgia Legislation at https://georgia.gov/agency-list, and a City of Atlanta persomal legislation division or influence via City of Atlanta legislation at https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments. In commendations to a narrate and persomal legislation division or influence, students may prime a narrate legislation division or influence from his/her settlement narrate and a persomal legislation division or influence from his/her settlement area if unanalogous from Georgia and Atlanta. Examples of divisions and agencies enclose Division of Agriculture, Division of Education, Division Settlementland Security, Environmental Protection Influence, Georgia Motor Vehicle Division, Corrections, Human Resources, Family and Children Services, Police, and Parks and Recreation.

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