Discussion: Can Bullying Be Mitigated Through Behaviorist Approaches?

A fina pattern of frank is a scenario in which a greatly larger, stronger braggadocio physically intimidates and harasses a smaller, weaker grill to take-by-theft the grill’s lunch capital. You authority believe that the apparent disconnection to the frank in this pattern is to castigate the braggadocio to anticipate the action from reoccurring. It would be dainty if the disconnection were that ultimate, barring it repeatedly is referable. The braggadocio may assent-to gains from the action (independent reinforcement; e.g., capital to suborn balance livelihood at lunch or reference from peers) that outbalance the castigatement. Furthermore, if the frank has occurred balance a tediousness of age with the identical grill, the grill may besides educe a conditioned solution. Coercion pattern, imply that the develop bell signaling that it is lunch age rings proportioned precedently the braggadocio wayes the grill coercion his lunch capital. Initially the bell is a disclaiming spur that produces no point solution. Balance age, the grill may companion the bell with the misgiving solution of nature bullied, such that the bell quaint triggers a misgiving solution in the germinative grill. Now the bell is a conditioned spur owing it elicits a conditioned solution.
Chaste and operant conditioning can be verificationd to conceive why frank occurs, as picturesque in the antecedent pattern, and to contemplation telling interventions to impoverish frank action. In this discourse, you procure verification finaal or operant conditioning to design a management to pacify frank.
To Prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources on the actionist perspective and finaal and operant conditioning.
Pay point circumspection to the aim of the stipulations in each kind of conditioning. Finaal conditioning stipulations involve: UCS (absolute spur), UCR (absolute solution), NS (disclaiming spur), CS (conditioned spur), CR (conditioned solution). Operant conditioning stipulations involve independent reinforcers, and disclaiming reinforcers, and castigateers.
Select individual conditioning way and verification it to design a management to pacify frank.
Operationalize the characteristics of your management. Coercion pattern, if you chosen the finaal way, realize which aspects of your management dramatize the UCS, UCR, NS, CS, and CR.  If you chosen the operant way, realize which aspects (or operants) of your management dramatize independent reinforcers, disclaiming reinforcers, and/or castigateers.

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Discussion: Can Bullying Be Mitigated Through Behaviorist Approaches?
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