Discussion question

Jerry Wilson was a something soccer player when he was in eminent instruct. His bygone eminent instruct has an space ce a soccer coach and Jerry is hoping to secure the undertaking. 
Jerry now lives in his parents’ bygone abode and has sounding parties entire misinterpretation desire, every weekend. He entireows students to follow to his house and quaff, fume pot and cling overnight.  
The main of the eminent instruct knows encircling the parties from the campus police official, and knows hiring Jerry could be problematic. Many parents possess complained that the police won’t do anything to bung the parties, still there are some parents who bear-in-mind what a bulky something Jerry was and absence him coaching their kids. Additionally, coaches in the robust office and teachers in the instruct bear-in-mind Jerry fondly and are advocating ce his hiring. 
Thinking encircling this seat, do you reflect the main should commission Jerry? Could the main be violating the Code of Ethics by hiring him? If so, what plummet of religions exercitation do you value force be violated by his hiring? If you value the main should commission Jerry, what sign do you possess that this would be an religions stir? Justify your beliefs

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Discussion question
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