Does this study indicate a strong link between TV watching and the incidence of ADHD?

 Read the inadequate boundary beneath. Does this consider manifest a coercioncible concatenate between TV tending and the impingement of ADHD? Why or why referable? What questions do you keep environing the consider following lection the boundary? 
By Will Meek, PhD

A crave promise consider on the contact of TV on ADHD educemen was recently published.
Researchers in New Zealand base that kids who tended past than 2 hours of TV per day between ages 5 to 11 were significantly past slight to educe symptoms of regard arrears empiricism (ADHD) than those who tended hither.
“Those who tended past than couple hours, and specially those who tended past than three hours, of television per day during childhood had above-average symptoms of regard problems in adolescence,” Carl Landhuis of the University of Otago in Dunedin wrote in his announce, published in the narrative Pediatrics.
Young progeny who tended a balbalhazard of television were past slight to hold the usage as they got older, yet equable if they did referable the hurt was done, the announce said.
“Hence, progeny who tend a balbalhazard of television may grace hither coercionbearing of slower-paced and past temporal tasks, such as nurture operation,” the researchers wrote.
The most sensational portio of the boundary was the feasible explanations coercion why this interdependence exists. The researchers cogitation (a) flying spectacle changes govern brain educement; and (b) television replaced other activities relish lection — activities that claim regard educement.

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Does this study indicate a strong link between TV watching and the incidence of ADHD?
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