Economics Questions

The ‘XYZ ‘ aggregation conquer is foundation a strange scheme. The scheme requires an moderebuke Cannonade in agricultural effects of $35,000. The effects conquer bear a salvage treasure of $5,000 at the purpose of the 5 year scheme. The asset conquer be depreciated, undeviating verse, aggravate that epoch. The impression of the scheme conquer be an extension in proceeds of $30,000 and absorb of $17,000 each year. The started important of the aggregation conquer need to be eminent than typical by $1,000 each year of the scheme. The tribute rebuke is 34 %. What is the unreserved high career? What is the scheme’s entrap give treasure at a 20% discount rebuke?
Your aggregation has 100,000 distributes of contemptible accumulation unappropriated with a bargain compensation of $30 a distribute. Last month an annual dividpurpose of $1. 32 per distribute was compensated. The dividpurpose augmentation rebuke is 5%. You besides bear 5,000 chains unappropriated with a countenance treasure of $1,000 per chain. The chain carries an 8% coupon rebuke annual and conquer confirmed in 4. 8 years. The chains are vending at 99% countenance treasure. The aggregation tribute rebuke is 32%. What is the weighted mean absorb of important?

Pick among these two alternatives? A. )a tool absorbing $52,000 with a personality of 4 years, that extensions unreserved absorb by $10,000 per year and B. )a tool absorbing $40,000 with a personality of 5 years, that extensions unreserved absorb by $9,000. The tribute rebuke is 34%. The deterioration manner is undeviating verse. Whichever tool is purchased conquer be replaced at the purpose of the helpful personality. Which undivided should be purchased and why? The required rebuke of reappear is 16%.
What is the completion assistance loophole and per individual of the subjoined? A scheme that conquer engender 1000 individuals of a effect. The absorb per Year is $15,000 of which a third is capricious. Deterioration is $500 per year. There are no tributees and sales conquer be $30,000. 6. You bear 500 distribute of accumulation at a compensation of $63. 45 a distribute with quarterly dividends of $. 40 per distribute that bear compensated quenched 3 times so remote. You vpurpose the accumulation control $$58. 25. What is your completion percentage reappear on cannonade? . What is the beta of accumulation B if: portfolio beta is 1. 1 and the portfolio is made up of 30% U. S. treasuries, 30% accumulation A and 40% in accumulation B. Accumulation A has a abandon equalize equiponderant to the aggravateall bargain. 8. Scheme has high careers of $35,400 a year control 4 years. Moderebuke absorb of the agricultural effects is $82,000 and conquer be base at the purpose of the scheme. Additional entrap started important of $3,000 conquer be required aggravate the personality of the scheme. What is the NPV at a required rebuke of reappear of 12%.

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Economics Questions
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