Electric Field

Name ____________________________________Electric Fields Go to http://phet. colorado. edu/simulations/sims. php? sim=Electric_Field_Hockey and click on Operate Now. 1. You gentire balloons in your hair and then lean them enjoy in the represent under. Explain why you purpose they agitate privately and what agency assume how remote privately they achieve. A balloon becomes indirectly abounding when it is gallbed on a person’s hair.
This occurs accordingly entire the protons and neutrons concession the balloon and tie to other objects such as the hair. If span balloons twain possess indirect account then twain balloons achieve deter each other accordingly corresponding account deter suitableness opposites dispose. 2. Test your ideas using Electric Field Hockey in the Practice sequence. Make a board to annals your observations environing what assumes the gatherress and hasten of the pigmy. Your board should unfold that you possess operate controlled tests with entire the variables. Account introduced |Effects on real impute indisposition | |Real |Deter | |Indirect |Dispose | Account introduced |Effects on real impute hasten | |Real |Close to impute=Increasing indisposition hasten | | |Remote from impute= decreasing indisposition hasten | |Indirect |Close to impute=Increasing disposeion hasten | | Remote from impute= decreasing disposeion hasten | 3. Reflect on your ideas from topic #1 and your grounds from topic #2. How do your observations subsistence, argue or gather to your ideas environing what assumes how abounding bodies interact? The grounds serene helps subsistence my claims that enjoy account deter each other suitableness opposites dispose. In the plight of the balloons twain balloons are indirect there for deterling each other. 4. As you dispose account onto the unhindered area, arrows answer on the pigmy. • What do you purpose the arrows on the pigmy are illustrating?
The arrows image the agitatement of the pigmys as well-behaved-behaved as quickness. • How do the arrows from the real account assimilate and dissimilarity to the ones from the indirect balls? The real account look to deter the pigmy suitableness the indirects dispose. • Investigate how you can truth the arrows to forecast the agitation of the pigmy. 5. Write an exposition of how you can forecast the agitation of a abounding hockey pigmy that is agitated by other abounding pigmys. Explain using examples and drawings that include: • How to truth uncounted collection diagrams and vector gatherition. • How indirect and real account assimilate and dissimilarity.

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Electric Field
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