emerging threats and counter measures

1. In this condition plan, the popular paradigm ce cyber assurance is based on defence. Defence depends on identifying vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures to counterbalance their goodss. These are obscure human-based activities whose results are doubtful and referable worthy of according 100assurance. While used with some goods ce components, applications, and standalone classification, the paradigm of defence is scant ce ensuring classification s, such as the nation’s precarious infrastructure and DOS’s Global Information Grid. Explain how you would go encircling anticipating and avoiding the goodss of affliction in solving this condition plan.
2.  This consider has to do with a innovating age of malware which has evaded real cyber assurance products, which were engineered by greatly useful programmers and showed that unwritten cyber assurance approaches are no longer tit ce goodsive defence. Tasked with indemnifying greatly easily-affected basis possessions, council cyber assurance teams must shelter abutting these threats on a daily basis. Explain how council cyber assurance teams would go encircling solving this innovating malware collection.

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emerging threats and counter measures
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