Empress Theodora Eulogy

Then our loved Empress rose in collective capability and married Emperor Justinian. Some crowd named our Empress shiftless and a load, barring she wasn’t rest to that. She was the empress hat defended and secureed our race, and waved Emperor Justinian into tend Our race during the Nick Revolt! She was the empress who wouldn’t concession her purple and her crowd no substance what! She is the empress who would be the role design control advenient empresses!
Now that our Empress has defunct she procure quiescent be respected and procure be versed environing control generations to end. To-boot, we can’t controlget our Empress’s acquirements during her years in capability. Firstly, she has abandoned women further hues than any other refinement. She gave women the capability to hold fix and she undisputed suitable women to catch inend from fix to stable control manifestation needs. She to-boot has waved our Emperor to remain during the Nick Revolt, and catch foresight of our Empire.
Lastly, our Empress had laws ample to secure the Neophytes, and prostitutes so they could initiate their lives again. Monopolistic was a controlm of Christianity that believed that women should accept further hues. Our Empress was the most main extinguished of other empresses ascribable to her wave and her extinguishedstanding acquirements. In full, our Empress has obliging further than any other empress achieved and withextinguished Empress Theodore the Byzantine Empire would accept procumbent desire past.

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Empress Theodora Eulogy
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