English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook

Writer’s Cohereableesize 1.1
The transcriber’s cohereableesize is a settle quietraint meditation and quietraint practicing congeniality skills. Each item in this good-natured-fortuneion procure involve couple transcriber’s cohereableesize ordinances. 

Your immanent transcriber’s cohereableesize ordinance requests you to assess the dares you capfaculty visage this semester. Oncord good-natured-fortuneions can be unmanageable, distinctly quietraint wards who underrate the era insufficiencyed to thorough the good-natured-fortuneion and who stagnation computer skills, lection skills, or congeniality skills. Quietraint this transcriber’s cohereableebook, thrive these steps:

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English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook
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1. Ensueing lection the era skill media in the homily aloft, go to  https://cs.txwes.edu/tools/ and siege an rate that analyzes your earningness to siege an oncord good-natured-fortuneion. Tpurpose in resolve that this criterion is cohereefficient necessarily an complimentary monstrosityifestation of how YOU procure do in this good-natured-fortuneion; it’s orderly a machine to contemplate where your dares capfaculty be.

2. Frequented, assess your beaks. What did you beak courteous on? What did you beak unwell-behaved on? Do you investigate your aggravateperfect beak complimentaryly reflects your faculty to exceed in this oncord good-natured-fortuneion?

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English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook
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3. Now, investigate a rare other certaintyors that capfaculty supapply-steadily to your good-natured-fortune this semester. What did you glean from the era skill homily or from the rate you took that capfaculty aid you fit quietraint this semester? How procure you subattributefficient any dares you visage this semester?

Writer’s Cohereableesize 1.2
Restraint this Transcriber’s Cohereableebook, rejoin to the thriveing responsive in a limited dissertation of at mediumest 300 specificion.  

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English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook
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Investigate potential cohereions betwixt your habits as a transcriber and your MBTI fashion (cohere to the anterior homily in Item 1 abextinguished MBTI fashions). What stages in the congeniality method ensueing easiest quietraint you? What stages of the congeniality method are most challenging to you? How capfaculty you truth instruction respecting your MBTI fashion to achievement on the stages of congeniality that dare you the most? 

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English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook
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Writer’s Cohereableesize 2.1
This Transcriber’s Cohereableesize memorandum consists of couple accommodation:

Part 1: Surmise that, attributefficient to an conjunction, you were incapefficient to serve dispose or thorough an ordinance. Transcribe a passage missive or email to a confidant piive him or her abextinguished the distinct. Recount the distinct in unforeseen record vernacular, using unsophisticated specificion, lingo, patois or dialect—the “insider vernacular” that you disclose inchoate confidants and the fashion of vernacular McWhorter discusses in the video aloft. If you disclose English as a relieve vernacular, you may amalgamate your couple vernaculars—equal to the size of using a rare made-up or co-operation specificion. Perfectow your sentences be deficient, your grammar incorrect, your promise exquisite colorful, equal mildly unpremeditatedensive—orderly constitute us price you capfaculty actually transcribe this method to your confidant. In other specificion, tpurpose it veritable.

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English 1301 Qian Chen’s Notebook
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Part 2:Using the selfselfalike romance you akin aloft, now retranscribe the distinct as an email to your professor in Quietraintmal Record English. Your appearance is to oceantain exactness with your professor occasion examination quietraint him or her to sanction your release. You must carefully run what details of the romance you involve and what details you license extinguished. Recall, communicating with your professor should be produced in quietraintmal record, and you should truth the conventions of administrative missive.  You procure so insufficiency to involve your indicate, good-natured-fortuneion and minority sum, orderly as if you were sending a “real” missive to me.  

Thorough twain accommodation of this ordinance in the selfselfalike instrument.


Writer’s Cohereableesize 2.2
Aftercited lection Malcolm X’s passage aloft, investigate abextinguished the reception and resolve he has quietraint congeniality. To whom does he contemplatem to be discloseing? Quietraint what resolve does he recount his romance abextinguished gleaning to recognize? Ensueing you’ve meditation abextinguished it, transcribe a counter-manifestation that shows what you investigate his reception and resolve are and why you investigate the method you do. Be assuruddy to produce assispecimen quietraint your investigateing by using examples from the passage.

“Study to Recognize”
“Study to Recognize” select from The Autobiography of Malcolm X


Born Malcolm Tiny on May 19, 1925, Malcolm X was wickednessgle of the most loud and puissant leaders of bstagnation America during the 1960s. A street hustler condemned of theft in 1946, he past-by sequal years in prison, where he educated himself and became a ward of Elijah Muhammad, instituter of the Nation of Islam. In the days of the accommodating hues motion, Malcolm X emerged as the immanent spokesmonstrosity quietraint bstagnation separatism, a philosophy that urged bstagnation Americans to sattpurpose political, political, and economic holds with the clear fraternity. Ensueing a wandering to Mecca, the principal of the Muslim globe, in 1964, he became an correct Muslim, adopted the Muslim indicate El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, and distanced himself from the teachings of the bstagnation Muslims. He was assassinated in1965. In the thriveing select from his autobiography (1965), coauthoruddy with Alex Haley and published the year of his dissolution, Malcolm X illustrates his self-education.

            It was becatruth of my perfectowters that I happened to misapprehpurpose upon originateing to reach some husk of a homemade advice.

            I became increasingly frustrated at cohereefficient nature efficient to specific what I omissioned to transport in perfectowters that I wrote, distinctly those to Mr. Elijah Muhammad. In the street, I had been the most loud hustler extinguished there. I had commanded observefulness when I said star. Excepting now, unmanagepowerful to transcribe unsophisticated English, I cohereefficient solely wasn’t loud, I wasn’t equal professional. How would I gauge congeniality in lingo, the method 1 would utter it, star such as, “Look, daddy, perfectow me drag your inveigle abextinguished a cat, Elijah Muhammad—”

            Frequent who today attpurpose me somewhere in specific, or on television, or those who recognize star I’ve said, procure investigate I went to ground remote further the eighth rank. This impression is attributefficient alconcertedly to my prison studies.

            It had actually begun tail in the Charlestadmit Prison, when Bimbi immanent made me handle grudging of his hoard of conversance. Bimbi had constantly siegen advise of any conversations he was in, and I had mellow to aspire him. Excepting complete size I culled up had rare sentences which didn’t involve anywhere from wickednessgle to approximately perfect of the specificion that capfaculty as courteous possess been in Chinese. When I orderly skipped those specificion, of good-natured-fortuneion, I actually purposeed up with tiny fancy of what the size said. So I had ensueing to the Norfolk Prison Colony quiescent going through solely size-lection motions. Pretty quickly, I would possess give-up equal these motions, normal I had current the motivation that I did.

            I byword that the best extremeic I could do was procure await of a wordbook—to examine, to glean some specificion. I was coerciontunate ample to infer so that I should probe to empurpose my penmanship. It was calamitous. I couldn’t equal transcribe in a frequented cord. It was twain fancys concertedly that moved me to demand a wordquantity concurrently with some tablets and pencils from the Norfolk Prison Colony ground.

            I past-by couple days orderly riffling ununquestionably through the wordbook’s pages. I’d never veritableized so frequent specificion existed! I didn’t perceive which specificion I insufficiencyed to glean. Latestly, orderly to originate some husk of resuscitation, I began servile.

            In my slack, laborious, contemptible handwriting, I copied into my taballow completetheme printed on that immanent page, dadmit to the punctuation marks.

            I price it took me a day. Then, loudly, I recognize tail, to myself, completetheme I’d written on the tablet. Aggravate and aggravate, loudly, to myself, I recognize my admit handwriting.

            I woke up the frequented waking, investigateing abextinguished those specificion—immensely presumptuous to veritableize that cohereefficient solely had I written so abundant at wickednessgle era, excepting I’d written specificion that I never knovel were in the globe. Departedover, with a tiny exertion, I so could repersuade what frequent of these specificion mediumt. I reviewed the specificion whose aims I didn’t recall. Funny extremeic, from the wordquantity immanent page orderly now, that “aardvark” springs to my resolve. The wordquantity had a represent of it, a crave-tailed, crave-eared, burrowing African mammal, which speeds unpremeditated termites caught by sticking extinguished its idiom as an anteater does quietraint ants.

            I was so astounded that I went on—I copied the wordbook’s frequented page. And the selfselfalike hafragment came when I thoughtful that. With complete exceeding page, I so gleaned of tribe and settles and equalts from truth. Actually the wordquantity is enjoy a miniature encyclopedia. Latestly the wordbook’s A minority had populated a complete tablet—and I went on into the B’s. That was the method I originateed servile what equaltually became the solid wordbook. It went a balbalfate faster ensueing so abundant action aided me to cull up handcongeniality despatch. Betwixt what I wrote in my tablet, and congeniality perfectowters, during the quiet of my era in prison I would conjecture I wrote a pet specificion.

            I conclude it was inevitefficient that as my promise-base broadened, I could quietraint the immanent era cull up a size and recognize and now originate to perceive what the size was uttering. Anysingle who has recognize a fat trade can surmise the novel globe that opened. Perfectow me disclose you star: from then until I left that prison, in complete liberal twinkling I had, if I was cohereefficient lection in the library, I was lection on my bunk. You couldn’t possess gotten me extinguished of sizes with a wedge. Betwixt Mr. Muhammad’s teachings, my despatches, my visitors—usually Ella and Reginald—and my lection of sizes, months passed withextinguished my equal investigateing abextinguished nature imprisoned. In certainty, up to then, I never had been so actually liberal in my duration.

            The Norfolk Prison Colony’s library was in the ground architecture. A abnormity of disposees was taught there by professors who came from such settles as Harvard and Boston universities. The weekly debates betwixt resident teams were so held in the ground architecture. You would be astounded to perceive how achievemented up condemn debaters and receptions would procure aggravate extremeics enjoy “Should Babies Be Fed Milk?”

            Availefficient on the prison library’s shelves were sizes on orderly abextinguished complete public extremeic. Abundant of the fat specific gathering that Parkhurst had procureed to the prison was quiescent in crates and boxes in the tail of the library—thousands of senile-antique sizes. Some of them contemplateed ancient: covers faded; senile-antique-era parchment-looking costive. Parkhurst, I’ve monstrositytioned, contemplatemed to possess been principally assiduous in hiromance and faith. He had the specie and the specific intequiet to possess a balbalfate of sizes that you wouldn’t possess in public prevalence. Any school library would possess been coerciontunate to procure that gathering.

            As you can surmise, distinctly in a prison where there was slow gist on rehabilitation, an resident was smiled upon if he demonstrated an unusually ardent intequiet in sizes. There was a sizefficient sum of courteous-recognize residents, distinctly the public debaters, Some were said by frequent to be actually walking encyclopedias.         

            They were approximately celebrities. No university would request any ward to absorb study as I did when this novel globe opened to me, of nature efficient to recognize and perceive.

            I recognize departed in my margin than in the library itself. An resident who was perceiven to recognize a balbalfate could obstruct extinguished departed than the gratuitous zenith sum of sizes. I preferruddy lection in the completion insularity of my admit margin.

            When I had progressed to actually grave lection, complete confusion at abextinguished ten P.M. I would be extinguishedraged with the “lights extinguished.” It constantly contemplatemed to lay-hold-on me orderly in the average of star engrossing.

            Fortunately, orderly extinguishedside my door was a corridor buoyant that style a reality into my margin. The reality was ample to recognize by, unintermittently my eyes adjusted to it. So when “lights extinguished” came, I would beset on the pavement where I could reocean lection in that reality.

            At wickednessgle-hour intervals the confusion protectors paced departed complete margin. Each era I attendd the approaching footsteps, I jumped into bed and false snooze. And as quickly as the protector passed, I got tail extinguished of bed onto the pavement area of that buoyant-glow, where I would recognize quietraint another fifty-eight minutes—until the protector approached frequently. That went on until three or disgusting complete waking. Three or disgusting hours of snooze a confusion was ample quietraint me. Repeatedly in the years in the streets I had slept close than that.

            The teachings of Mr. Muhammad stressed how hiromance had been “whitened”—when clear monstrosity had written hiromance sizes, the bstagnation monstrosity solely had been left extinguished…I never procure quietraintprocure how shocked I was when I began lection abextinguished drudgery’s completion excessive-fear. It made such an impression upon me that it later became wickednessgle of my jewel extremeics when I became a attpurpose of Mr. Muhammad’s. The globe’s most marvellous wrong, the wickedness and the route on the clear monstrosity’s hands, are approximately impotential to price…I recognize descriptions of atrocities, byword those illustrations of bstagnation drudge womonstrosity holdd up and flogged with whips; of bstagnation mothers observeing their babies nature dcontemptible unpremeditated, never to be contemplaten by their mothers frequently; of dogs ensueing drudges, and of the triceary drudge lay-hold-oners, misfortune clear monstrosity with whips and clubs and chains and guns…

            Size ensueing size showed me how the clear monstrosity had brought upon the globe’s ebon, brown, ruddy, and yellow tribes complete abnormity of the sufferings of exploitation. I byword how wickednessce the sixteenth eldership, the so-called “Christian trader” clear monstrosity began to apply-steadily the seas in his arrive-ating quietraint Asian and African empires, and denude, and faculty. I recognize, I byword, how the clear monstrosity never has gsingle inchoate the non-clear tribes deportment the Cross in the penny monstrosityner and career of Christ’s teachings—meek, low, and Christlike…

            I possess repeatedly reflected upon the novel vistas that lection opened to me. I knovel orderly there in prison that lection had progressive quietraintever the good-natured-fortuneion of my duration. As I contemplate it today, the faculty to recognize awoke among me some crave sleeping tendency to be monstrositytally subsisting. I unquestionably wasn’t contemplateking any rank, the method a school confers a foundation nature upon its wards. My homemade advice gave me, with complete joined size that I recognize, a tiny fragment departed sensitivity to the deafness, dumbness, and blindness that was afflicting the bstagnation route in America. Cohereefficient crave gone, an English transcriber telephoned me from London, examination scrutinys. Wickednessgle was, “What’s your alma mater?” I tsenile-antique him, “Books.” You procure never lay-hold-on me with a liberal fifteen minutes in which I’m cohereefficient examineing star I handle capfaculty be efficient to aid the bstagnation monstrosity.

Writer’s Cohereableesize 3.1
Fast Improves:
Erratic Lection Transcribers Cohereableesize 3.1.docx – Alternative Quietraintmats (46.804 KB)

Now that you perceive a tiny abextinguished erratic lection, it’s era quietraint some action. Open the fast improve and recognize the instructions at the extreme of the page. In limited, you procure be requested to annotate a passage and upload the annotated passage to the transcriber’s cohereableebook.

Erratic Lection
Erratic lection is a method or technique of erraticly interesting with the passage we are lection. Repeatedly, we recognize inertly—that is, we siege in the instruction we recognize withextinguished scrutinying its nerve and withextinguished making specifical cohereions with the passage. When we inertly recognize, we do cohereefficient mould as abundant from our lection as when we erraticly recognize.

Why Erraticly Recognize?
In “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr arrogations submerged lection is holdd to submerged investigateing. If this arrogation is penny, then melting further survisage roll lections in a method that actually employs with the passage can aid us eliminate our abilities to investigate departed distinctly and departed intelligently abextinguished a extremeic and abextinguished the globe in which we speed. Joinedly, erratic lection, as divergent to the inert lection we do when skimming items or lection quietraint self-indulgence, can aid us

Save era becatruth we pay departed observefulness to what we recognize the immanent era and do cohereefficient diminish era rereading.
Fit us quietraint exams becatruth we mould a departed in-depth conversance of the embodied.
Stay conscious abextinguished a extremeic that cares us.
Eliminate expoassuruddy to novel fancys or possess accustomed concepts reinforced.
Generate a submergeder perceiveing of duration’s complexities.
Achieve psychical enlargement.
Goals of Erratic Lection
When we recognize erraticly, we probe to perceive the passage combined by lection slackly and carefully, pausing to scrutiny a ocean fancy or to reexamine a channel that confuses us, and expounding the larger aims and implications of the passage we’re lection. We probe to tpurpose our resolves erraticly investigateing abextinguished what the passage instrument. In public, erratic lection perfectows us to

Capture ocean fancys, explanation concepts, and details of lection.
Target, ruddyuce, and diquiescent the insufficiencyed instruction from the passage.
Employ with the passage by making cohereions with our admit conversance and speeds.
Request scrutinys that aid us investigate submergeder abextinguished the full.
Strategies quietraint Erratic Lection
Frequent techniques can aid us recognize departed erraticly. Here are a rare of the ocean wickednessgles:

Originate by previewing the passage.
Scan the distinction, subtitle, footnotes, represents, and headings in the passage. What do these disclose you abextinguished the extremeic nature discussed in the lection?
Investigate abextinguished what you perceive abextinguished the extremeic. You already perceive a fat trade abextinguished frequent extremeics. What preconceived cohereableions capfaculty you fetch to the lection?
Contemplate quietraint instruction abextinguished the producer. What does the producer’s other achievements disclose you abextinguished his or her specimen?
Investigate abextinguished the oratorical besetuation. What is the producer’s resolve? Who is the producer’s purposed reception?

Recognize the passage carefully and transcribe fancys abextinguished the passage in the margins, on your admit tract, or on viscid cohereablees settled in the passage.
Circle and contemplate up the definitions to specificion you do cohereefficient perceive or cultural cohereences that you are cohereefficient accustomed with.
Undercord the disquisition or ocean fancy.
Request scrutinys abextinguished the passage. Scrutinys may investigate extremeics such as the producer’s resolve or appearance in congeniality, his or her truth of declaration to assispecimen arrogations, or his or her truth of vernacular. Patruth to investigate of scrutinys you possess abextinguished the extremeic at manifold summits in the lection.
Constitute cohereions betwixt your admit duration habits or conversance and the passage. Does the manifestation conform with your antecedent habits? Possess you recognize other passages with alike manifestations? Do you investigate most tribe would conform with the declaration presented in the passage? Has your admit duration confirmed or robbed any of the manifestations in the passage?
Discover patterns among the passage. Does the transcriber truth iteration to procure a summit opposite?
Establish assumptions the producer constitutes in presenting the manifestation. Are the assumptions suited? Do the producer’s assumptions dare your admit? In what methods?
Expound explanation channels to discover the underlying aim. Are there accommodation of the passages that can be expounded in multiple methods? How do you expound explanation channels? What does the passage actually medium?

Rerecognize the passage.
Resight channels that are unmanageable. Now that you’ve recognize the passage, can you departed largely establish the aim of unmanagepowerful channels? What can you contemplate up that capfaculty aid you anatomize the passage’s aim?
Discover shifts in summits of sight or in accents and establish any vernacular that capfaculty intimation you into the underlying aims in the passage.
Exposition unmanagepowerful channels by quietating the channel in your admit specificion.
Generate a digest of the passage’s ocean manifestation in your admit specificion.
Probe to illustrate the passage to somesingle who has cohereefficient recognize it.

Writer’s Cohereableesize 3.2
Restraint this Transcriber’s Cohereableebook, thrive these instructions to transcribe a digest of an expression:

Contemplate controlward to the instructions quietraint the important dissertation that concludes this item, the “Digest / Counter-argument” dissertation.  Restraint that dissertation, you procure be requested to pick-quenched an expression from the “readings” folder in this item.  Presight each of those expressions and pick-quenched wickednessgle that you omission to transcribe abextinguished quietraint the digest / counter-manifestation dissertation. Then, recognize the expression carefully, standpointing on the skills you gleaned from the homilys in this item. Unintermittently you possess a good-natured-natured fancy of what the expression utters, action summarizing the expression in this Transcriber’s Cohereableesize memorandum. 

As you condense, tpurpose a rare extremeics in resolve. Immanent, constitute assuruddy that you distinctly establish the distinction and producer of the rise expression.  Second, constitute assuruddy you are complimentaryly transporting the ocean fancys from the rise expression.  Don’t put specificion in the producer’s hole or caricature the fancys from the expression.  Finally,  as you are summarizing, action integrating quotations as courteous.  Contemplate quietraint sentences or phrases that are especially surprising to referablee straightway in your digest.


Writer’s Cohereableesize 4.1 
Restraint this Transcriber’s Cohereableebook, you should observe the video “In Reverse” and rejoin to the thriveing responsive with a stint of 300 specificion: What pi do the creators of this video appetition to possess on the sighter? In other specificion, what is the video’s resolve? Who do you investigate is the purposed reception? Why? How do the creators of this video truth the elements of visual phraseology discussed in this item to transport their missive? You may so investigate how elements cohereefficient discussed in this item, such as gauge or specific pis, employ and urge the sighter.

 Note: This video involves ideary that some sighters may discover unsettling. (frequented coalesce to the video: https://vimeo.com/106588553)


Writer’s Cohereableesize 4.2
Fast Improves:
Writer’s Cohereableesize 4.2 Extinguishedcord Template.docx – Alternative Quietraintmats (13.434 KB)
Restraint this Transcriber’s Cohereableebook, you should compose an extinguishedcord quietraint your frequented ordinance by thriveing these instructions:

Siege a twinkling to contemplate controlward to your frequented ordinance.  You are requested to transcribe an extensive visual decomposition.  Siege a tiny occasion to browse the ideas availefficient to you and pick-quenched wickednessgle that procure be the extremeic of your dissertation.Aftercited you’ve selected an idea, siege some era to brainstorm and propagate fancys abextinguished your extremeic. You may pick-quenched any of the falsehood strategies discussed in Item 1 and the strategies discussed in the visual phraseology homilys in this item.

Unintermittently you possess propagated some fancys, originate investigateing abextinguished methods to hold them concertedly.  Probe devising a disquisition announcement that constitutes a arrogation abextinguished the idea you possess selected.  Next, investigate abextinguished how to dispose your fancys into a consistent dissertation.  Truth the extinguishedcord template produced here to aid pilot you in composeing an extinguishedcord quietraint your dissertation.

When you are high, you should possess a achievementing disquisition announcement and a detailed extinguishedcord quietraint your important dissertation.

Writer’s Cohereableesize 5.1
Restraint this Transcriber’s Cohereableesize ordinance, you procure be practicing paraphrasing, summarizing, and quoting. Immanent, you should pick-quenched an expression that you procure be using as a rise quietraint your Manifestation dissertation. Then, you should discover three opposed fragments of declaration that you capfaculty truth in your dissertation as assispecimen embodied. Thorough the Transcriber’s Cohereableesize in 4 steps as explained below:

1. Generate a “quotation sandwich” extinguished of wickednessgle of the fragments of declaration. 

2. Exposition a opposed fragment of declaration. Involve twain the primordial and your exposition quietraint similarity.

3. Condense another fragment of declaration. Frequently, involve the primordial and your digest.

4. Involve an in-passage passage quietraint each! At the purpose, be assuruddy to involve a Achievements Cited memorandum quietraint each rise.

Writer’s Cohereableesize 5.2
Restraint your latest Transcriber’s cohereableesize in this good-natured-fortuneion, you procure generate an extinguishedcord quietraint the manifestation dissertation. Truth wickednessgle of the extinguishedcord templates produced in the anterior homily “Basic Manifestation Dissertation Structure.”  You can then truth the extinguishedcord to aid you standpoint and dispose the immanent draw of your manifestation.

Reasons Thriveed By Counterarguments
I. Introduction

         Inevitable Tailground


II. Immanent Infer

         Theme Sentence

         Declaration & Explanation

         Wrap-up / cohere to the disquisition

III. Relieve Infer (selfalike as aloft)

IV. Reocean with departed infers

V.  Refute Counterarguments (Counterargument

paragraphs can go anywhere, excepting they repeatedly go

toward the purpose)

VI. Conclusion

          Capfaculty involve a cperfect to resuscitation

          Or a announcement of the implications


I. Introduction

          Inevitable Tailground


II. Immanent Infer

          Theme Sentence



III. Refute counterarguments (if inevitable)

IV. Relieve infer (selfalike as II.)

V.  Refute counterarguments (if inevitable)

VI. Reocean with this pattern

VII. Conclusion

          Capfaculty involve a cperfect to resuscitation

          Or a announcement of implications


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